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Various Artists - Kosmos Favourites vol.471 (Rhythm & Blues)

Aaron Collins with Orchestra nad Chorus  directed by Neely Plumb -- Washwoman
Ace Holder -- Wabba Suzy-Q
Al Brown & His Tunetoppers -- Take Me Back
Al Henderson with Boyd Bennett Orchestra -- She Says 'Crazy'
Al Russell Trio (vocal Cowan and Trio) -- Cement Mixer
Al Sims Trio (vocal Sam Dawson) -- I Wonder, Baby
Al Smith -- Don't Worry 'Bout Me
Al 'Stomp' Russell Trio -- Let's Get Together
Al 'Stomp' Russell Trio -- Mellow Jelly Blues
Al 'Stomp' Russell Trio (vocal 'Doc' Basso & Trio) -- Dig Mr. K. Kay Kay
Al 'TNT' Braggs -- Listen to Me Baby
Albert Ammons and His Rhythm Kings (blues vocal by Jack Cooley) -- I Don't Want to See You (If I Can't See You By Yourself)
Alex Bradford -- Won't Have to March No More
Allen Baum with rhythm accompaniment -- My Kinda Woman
Alonzo Stewart and His Band -- Love Me Baby
Andy Rose and the Thorns -- the Harem
Archie Stephenson with Monty and the Cyclones -- I'm Through
Arthur Gunter -- We're Gonna Shake
Austin Wright with Chuck Tillman Band -- Keep Me on Your Mind in 59
B.B. Carter (arranged by W. Gresham) -- Leave Me Alone
B.B. King -- Help the Poor
B.B. King -- Mean Ole Frisco
B.B. King and His Orchestra -- Early in the Morning
Baby Boy Jennings and the Satelites -- Goin' Home
Bennie Turner and the Armorettes (arr. by Robert Banks) -- Ching-Ching-Wong
Benny Carter And His All Star Orchestra (vocal chorus by Joe Turner) -- Beale Street Blues
Benny Roberts Orchestra -- Thriller Diller Poppa
Big Bo and the Arrows (vocal Little Smitty) -- Hully Gully, Now
Big Charley & the Domans -- Can't Even Enjoy My Home
Big John and the Buzzards -- Hey, Little Girl
Big Mike -- Down in New Orleans
Big Walter and His Combo -- Back Home to Mama
Bill & Will --  Goin' to the River
Bill Medley -- Leavin' Town
Bill Samuels and the Cats 'n Jammer Three -- Port Wine
Billie McAllister with Band -- Well, Alright Baby
Billy 'Boy' Arnold with Bob Carter's Orchestra -- I Ain't Got No Money
'Billy' Brooks, Pluma Davis Band -- I Called My Baby
Billy Daniels with the Rhythm Rockers -- I've Found a New Baby
Billy Dawn -- Look What I Found
Billy Garner -- Little School Girl
Billy Grammer -- Princess of Persia
Billy Hamlin -- If You Ain't Got No Bread (You Might as Well Stay Home in Bed)
Billy Martin & His Orchestra -- Come On
Billy Martin and His Orchestra -- Oh Stop
Billy 'the Kid' Emerson -- Do the Chicken
Billy Valentine Trio -- You May Be Trash to Someone but Baby You're a Queen to Me
Billy Wade -- Do You Love Me
Billy Wright and Orchestra -- Mean Old Wine
Billy Wright 'Prince of the Blues' -- Married Woman's Boogie
Birdlegs & Pauline -- Suffer
Blues Busters -- Lost My Baby
Blues Woman (assisted by the Buddy Banks Sextet) -- Voo-It! Voo-It!
Bo Diddley -- Gimme Gimme
Bob Starr and His Allstar Band -- Houndog
Bob Wagner & His Countdowns (vocal Wayne Wilson) -- Annie Don't Work No More
Bobby Byrd -- Write Me a Letter
Bobby Charles -- No More (I Ain't Gonna Love You No More)
Bobby Flare -- Big Jimmy, Little Jack and Nellie
Bobby Floyd -- Love Trouble
Bobby Freeman -- Fever
Bobby Hendricks -- I Want That
Bobby Nunn with the 'Robbins' -- Rockin'
Bobby Williams -- So Many Women
Bobby Williams -- Wonder If My Baby's Coming Home
Bobby Williams -- Workin' Man
Bobby Williams and His Orchestra -- So Blue
Brian Lindsay -- the Zoo
Buddy Lucas, Jimmy Carrol & Orchestra -- Hound Dog
Buddy Wilkins -- Private Eye
C.J. and the Jewels feat. Jerome Hoelscher -- I Don't Love You No More
Calvin & Clarence -- I Don't Know (School Girl)
Calvin & Clarence -- Money and Women
Calvin Frazier with T. J. Fowler Orchestra -- Little Baby Child
Cecil Humphries and the Camels -- Bassfiddle Boogie
Cellos -- Buffalo Bill
Charles Hughes -- Itsy Bitsy Puddin' Pie
Charles Sheffield -- Wicked Old Fever
Charles Walker and the Beatniks -- Got My Eyes on the World
Charles Walker and the Beatniks -- Just Me and You
Charms -- Fifty-Five Seconds
Choker Campbell and His Orchestra (vocal Honey Brown) -- Rocking and Jumping
Chris Allen -- Saxaphone Pete
Chris and Stella Towns, George Butcher Orchestra -- Nearer and Dearer
Chris Powell and Blue Flames -- Uh Uh Baby
Chris Powell and the Blue Flames -- Break It Up
Chris Powell and the Blue Flames -- Love Ya Like Crazy
Chromatics with Hal Jackson's Tornadoes -- Devil Blues
Chuck Carbo and his Band -- Wake up Crying
Chuck Edwards -- She Carried Me All Over Town
Clarence Garlow -- Pretty Little Dolly
Clarence Garlow -- Sunday Morning
Clarence Garlow -- Train Came Rolling Down the Track
Clarence Garlow and his Accordion -- Za Belle
Clarence Green -- You Don't Move Me No More
Clayton Love -- Why Don't You Believe in Me
Cliff and the Sun-Rays -- Lucky Me
Cliff Butler -- Listen to Me
Cliff Butler -- You Name It
Clovers -- All Night Boogie
Cookie and the Cupcakes -- All My Lovin' Baby
Cool Papa Jarvis -- Workin' Man
Cornell Blakely -- I Want My Share
Corporal Booker T. Washington and Brown's Blu-Blowers -- St. Louis Boogie
Crown Prince Waterford with Labert Ellis at the keyboard -- Get Your Clothes and Let's Go
Danny Andrews -- Market Place
Danny Cobb -- My Isabella
Danny Cobb with Lucky Thompson Orch. -- Rockaway Blues
Danny Cobb with the Paul Williams Orchestra -- I Need Your Love
Danny Coughlan -- Odd Man Out
Danny Owens -- You're a Little Too Late
Danny White -- the Twitch
Dave Bartholomew (vocal Fats Mathews and Dave Bartholomew) -- Junk Man
Dave Dixon -- Over the River
Dave Washington and Orchestra -- Baby Doll, It’s You
Davis & Jones and the Fenders -- Boss with the Hot Sauce
Day, Dawn & Dusk -- A Cheat's a Cheat
Day, Dawn & Dusk -- Miss Petunia
Day, Dawn & Dusk -- Who Are You Kissing
Dean Hagopian -- Uh Huh
Do Ray and Me -- There's a Man at the Door
Do Ray Me Trio -- Rhumba Blues
Do Ray Mi Trio -- Saturday Night Fish Fry
Doctor Ross -- Numbers Blues
Donoman, the Lakettes -- Here Comes the Fool
Donoman, the Skylarks -- Do You Know (Everything 'bout Love)
Dontels -- Soul Nitty Gritty
Drivers with Orchestra -- Dry Bones Twist
Dusty Brooks & His Four Tones -- Baby, Are You Kiddin' (short film 'Baby, Are You Kiddin'')
Dusty Brooks & His Four Tones -- Whoa Mule
Dusty Brooks & the Four Tones -- Uptown Rhythm
Duvals -- What Am I
Earl Washington and group (vocal - Fuzzy) -- Mexico
Eddie Gorman -- Don't Worry 'bout Nothin'
Eddie Johnson feat. Edna McRaney -- Back-Up
Eddie King - Mae. B. May -- Are You Pushed to Love
Eddie King - Mae. B. May -- Please Mr. D.J.
Eddie Taylor -- You'll Always Have a Home
El Pauling and Royal Abbit -- Come on Let's Have a Good Time
El Pauling and Royal Abbit -- Jail Bird
El Pauling and the Royalton -- Solid Rock
Elmore James -- Catfish Blues
Ernie K-Doe -- Heebie Jeebies
Erskine Hawkins and His Orchestra -- Tippin' In
Fabulous Gardenias -- What's the Matter with Me
Fairlanes -- Johnny Rhythm
Felix Gross & His Orchestra -- Love for Christmas
Fidelity's with Teacho Wiltshire Orchestra -- Hold On To What'cha Got (And Get One More)
Flennoy Trio -- Hey Lawdy Mama
Flennoy Trio Vocal Ensemble -- I Ain't Man at You Pretty Baby
Fletcher Smith & Orch. -- Brand New Neighbourhood
Four Aces (Orchestra directed by Jack Pleis) -- I Love Paris
Four Kings & a Queen -- Shoo Shoo Baby
Four Tones -- Hey, What You Say
Frank (Shake Aplenty) Frazier -- Foot Race
Frank Butler -- Build a Little House for You
Frank Motley (Dual Trumpet) And His Crew -- I Found Out
Frank Motley and the Motley Crew (vocal Larry Ellis) -- Good Good Lovin'
Frankie and the Echoes -- Come Back Baby
Frankie Anthony -- Brenda
Fred Bridges -- Baby Don't You Weep
Freddy Butler with Roosevelt Fountain's Pens Of Rhythm -- Pitter Patter
Freddy King with Orchestra -- Now I've Got a Woman
Freddy Koenig with the Jades -- Road Runner
Garlon Davis, Zeke Strong Band -- Don't Worry About Dancing for Me
Gene Allison -- Hey, Hey, I Love You
Gene Holiday -- Scratch My Name Off the Mail Box
Genivia Vallier and the Emanon Trio -- Johnny Long Donn Is Dead
George Allen -- Good Things
George Jackson -- Tender Love
Goree Carter -- I've Got News for You
Grainger Hunt -- Noah
Grant 'Mr. Blues' Jones, J T 'Blow It' Brown And His Harlem Blu-Blowers -- Talking Baby Blues
Gypsies -- Rock Around the Christmas Tree
Harmonica Slim & Orchestra --  Do What You Want to Do
Harold Burrage and Willie Dixon Band -- She Knocks Me Out
Hayward Lee -- Better Stop (Fooling Around)
Howlin' Wolf -- Three Hundred Pounds of Joy
Icky Renrut -- Hey Hey
Icky Renrut -- Jack Rabbit
Ike Turner's King's of Rhythm (vocal-featuring Ike & Billy) -- Walking Down the Aisle (take 4)
Inuz Moore -- If It Ain't One Thing It's Another
Isely Brothers -- Everybody's Gonna Rock & Roll
J. Mercy Baby -- the Rock and Stomp
J.A. Tyler -- Do the Fight
J.B Lenoir -- Do What I Say
J.T. Brown And His Boogie Boys -- Kicking the Blues Around
Jackie Brenston and Edna McRaney with the Delta Cats -- 88 Boogie
Jackie Shane -- Comin' Down
Jackie Shane -- in My Tenement
Jake Porter and the Buzzards -- Wine, Women & Gold
James Brown and the Famous Flames -- Have Mercy Baby
James Williams and His Combo -- Chevrolet Blues
Jay Nelson and His Jumpers -- Raise Some San
Jerry Fuller (with Orchestra and Chorus directed by George Campbell) -- the Door Is Open
Jesse James -- Shake It
Jessie Crawford with Kay Keys Band -- Please Don't Go
Jessie Johnson -- Can't Help It
Jimmy Anthony and the Jap Curry Blazers -- Eternal Thing
Jimmy Brinkley Combo -- Wine, Wine, Wine
Jimmy Coe & His Gay Cats of Rhythm -- Run Jody Run
Jimmy Donley -- Kickin' My Hound Around
Jimmy Dotson and the Blue Boys -- I Wanna Know
Jimmy Feagans and the Jap Curry Blazers -- Saturday Night
Jimmy Haggett with the Daydreamers -- Gonna Shut You Off Baby
Jimmy Liggins and His Drops of Joy -- Ada from Decatur
Jimmy Liggins and His Drops of Joy -- Knocked Out
Jimmy Mann & the Dynamics feat. Ken Folk -- Such a Time
Jimmy McCracklin -- One Track Love
Jimmy McCracklin -- Susie and Pat
Jimmy McCracklin -- What's That (part 1)
Jimmy Moore -- Bye Bye My Love
Jimmy Preston And His Prestonians -- Rock the Joint
Jimmy Rogers -- I Can't Believe
Jimmy Rogers -- One Kiss
Jimmy Simmons -- I'll Never Love Again
Jimmy Smith -- Talking Boogie
Joe Cooke -- Dish Rag
Joe Lover --  Mean Ol' Bear
Joe Simon and Eugene Blacknells Band (arranged by James Curry) -- Just Like Yesterday
Joe Swift with Johnny Otis and His Orchestra -- Lovin' Baby Blues
Joe Tex with Orchestra -- Davy, You Upset My Home
Joe Tubbs -- Freight Train
Joe Weaver -- Standing on the Corner
Joe Weaver And His New Blue Note Orchestra -- Tootsie Roll
Joey Hollingsworth -- Little Dandelion
Joey Hollingsworth (arranged and conducted by Pat Riccio) -- Yow! Are You Hungry, Baby
John Lee Hooker -- Let's Make It Baby
John Little John -- 29 Ways
Johnnie & Bill -- On My Way to School
Johnnie Mae Matthews -- the Headshrinker
Johnny Bird Orchestra (vocal Mr. Blues) -- the Last Laugh Will Be on You
Johnny 'Blues' Taylor -- Unwelcome Blues
Johnny Copeland -- Rock and Roll Lily
'Johnny K' with His Trio -- Margie Brown
Johnny Sellers -- Blues This Ain't No Place for You
Johnny Sellers -- Rock Me in the Cradle
Jolly Jacks -- Ugly Face
Jose Feliciano -- If I Really Bug You (Then You Don't Love Me)
Katie Webster & Ashton Savoy -- Dingle I Love You
Katie Webster & Cookie with the Cup Cakes (vocal by Katie and Cookie) -- You Gonna Need Me
Kenny Watt's Brooklyn Buddies (vocal Redd Foxx) -- Let's Wiggle a Little Woogie
Kenny Watt's Hot Five feat. Redd Foxx (vocals) -- Shame on You
King Rhythm -- Killer Diller
L' Cap-Tans with the 'Go Boys' -- Home Work
L.C. McKinley -- Nit Wit
Lanny Hunt -- Suzie Q
Larry Birdsong -- Who Do You Love
Larry Bright -- It Ain't Right
Larry Dale -- Feelin' All Right
Larry Darnell -- Who Showed My Baby How to Love Me
Larry Ellison & The Mark IV -- Young Girls
Lattimore Brown -- Got Plenty Troubles
LaVerne Ray & the Raytones (Orch. under the direction of Leroy Kirkland) -- I'm in Love Again
LaVerne Ray, Three Riffs and Pinky Williams Orchestra -- Hot Sweet Potatoes
Lee Brown -- Bobbie Town Woogie
Lee Parker -- Boy Meets Girl
Leo Wright (arrangements by Frank Coma) -- Bops-A-Bops Love
Leon D. Tarver and the Chordones -- I'm a Young Rooster
Leonardo Carbo with the Upsetters -- I Don't Want to Lose Her
Lester Robertson and His Band -- Oh Babe
Lil’ Son Jackson -- No Money
Lionel Reason Band -- Rampart Street Gal
Little Arthur Mathews -- Someday Baby
Little Clarence Josey and the Aces -- I Need a Girl
Little Eddie Boyd with J.T. Brown's Boogie Band -- Kilroy Won't Be Back
Little Johnny Clark (arr. Portor Jordan) -- Black Coffee
Little Johnny Clark (arr. Portor Jordan) -- Now, Now, Now
Little Julian Herrera and the Tigers -- True Fine Mama
Little Junior Parker and Bill Harvey’s Band -- That’s My Baby
Little Junior Parker, Bill Harvey’s Band -- My Dolly Bee
Little Mack -- Tell Her to Come On Home
Little Milton  -- I'm a Lonely Man
Little Milton -- Satisfied
Little Red Walters -- Pickin' Cotton
Little Sammy Jones and the Eldorados -- Doing the Roach
Lloyd Fat Man (Orch. dir. by Doc Bagby) -- Roll on, Mule
Lonnie Tarver and His Band -- Mean Little Woman
Lorenzo Manly (arranged by Freddie Mae Wray) -- Please Don't Drive Me Away
Lou Bartel -- (Zoom) Give Me Your Love Tonight
Lou Lawton -- Knick Knack Patty Wack
Luther Bond and His Emeralds -- See What You Done
Manhattan Paul with Paul Bascomb's Combo -- It's My Nerves, Baby
Manhattan Paul with the Three Riffs and orchestra -- Hard Ridin' Mama
Margie Anderson and Bob Freedman -- When the Roll Is Called up Yonder
Mark Hopkins (arranged by Paul Griffin & Syd Shaw) -- You Can't Put Down Love
Mark Ingramm with Robert McCoy and His Five Sins -- Goodbye
Marvin Adams and the Boppers -- I'm on My Way
Marvin Duncan and the Fabulous Troubadores -- Chester (Funky)
Marvin Phillips -- Patootie Pie
Mask Man & the Cap-Tans -- Chicken Wings
Mattie Jackson and the Blues Nighthawks Orchestra -- I Want to Flop
Max Falcon -- Southern Love
Melvin Davis -- It's No News
Memphis Eddie -- Highway 61
Memphis Eddie -- Real Fine Girl
Memphis Eddie P And His Trio -- Hep Chick
Memphis Slim & His House Rockers -- Round About Boogie
Mickey Cooper and the Royal Palms Serenaders -- Country Girl
Miracles -- Going to a Go-Go
Monterays -- Push-Em Up
Morris Bailey and the Thomas Boys -- Calendar Hanging on the Wall
Morris Fontain -- Juicin' and Goofin'
Nappy Brown with Teacho Wiltshire's Orchestra -- My Baby
Nat Wright -- Run, Sonny, Run
Nathaniel Mayer and His Fabulous Twilights -- I Had a Dream
Neal Johnson -- True to You, Baby
Nite Riders -- Sittin' Sippin' Coffee
Nookie Boy -- I've Got a Feeling for You Baby
O. C. All Stars -- Hot Chalypso
Oscar Boyd -- Cheese All Week Long
Oscar Moore's Combo (vocal Frank Ervin) -- Hot Rod
Otis Scott -- New Kind of Love
Papa Lightfoot -- When the Saints Go Marching In
Pat Patrick and Band -- I Ain't Done Nothin' to You
Paul Peek -- Watermelon
Paul Tate -- How Can I Love You
Pee Wee Foster -- My Baby's Gone
Peppermint Harris -- Just Me and You
Peppermint Harris -- Markin' Time
Pete & Repeat -- But I Still Do
Pete Johnson & His Boogie Woogie Boys with vocal by Big Joe Turner -- Baby, Look at You
Phil Moore Four -- I'm Gonna See My Baby
Philip Jones, Johnny 'Spider' Martin Orch. -- Hey, Let's Everybody Twist
Phillip Wolf -- Little Woman
Pleasant Valley Tune Jammers -- Big Foots
Porter Jordan and the Dreamers -- Free Loader
Premiers, Big Bill Renal Ork -- Hop and Skip
Premiers, Big Bill Renal Ork -- Uh-Huh
Prentice Moreland -- Holy Mack'rel
Preston E. Peters -- Lingie Ching
Preston Love and His Orchestra (vocal George Williams) -- Voodoo
Preston Love and His Orchestra (vocal Roy 'Happy' Easter) -- If You Ever Get Lonesome
Prodigals -- I Need You
Ralph Wilson Quintet (vocal Leroy Coleman) -- I'm Tired
Ray Agee, Wilbur Reynolds Orch. -- Real Real Love
Ray Rivera -- Troubles, Troubles
Richard Berry and the Dreamers -- Good Love
Ricky Charles -- Hi-Yo Silver
Robins -- Keep Your Mind on Me
Rollers (Arr. by Gary Paxton) --  Troubles
Roosevelt Grier (Arr. & conducted by Fred Norman) -- Struttin' 'N Twistin'
Roosevelt Sykes and his Original Honeydrippers -- Date Bait
Roosevelt Sykes and his Original Honeydrippers -- Peeping Tom
Roy Brown -- the Message
Roy Corwin -- Preachin' Talk
Roy Milton and His Solid Senders -- It's Later Than You Think
Roy 'Mr. Guitar' Gaines -- Right Now Baby
Rudy Moore with Orchestra -- Robbie Dobbie
Rudy Traylor & His Orchestra (vocals Mary Louise Jones, Rudy Traylor, H. Jackson) -- Slick-Chick (On The Sly)
Rufus 'Bearcat' Thomas with the Bearcats -- the Easy Livin' Plan
Rufus Brown with Billie Discoll's Orch. -- Keep A'Knockin'
Russell Jacquet and Orchestra -- Look What You've Done to Me
Russell Jacquet and Orchestra -- Penny's Worth of Boogie
Sax Kari and His Ballin' Blues Band -- Hush Your Lyin' Mouth
Screaming Joe Neal -- She's My Baby
Shades of Rhythm feat. Bob Williams -- Gumbo
Shadows -- Big Mouth Mama
Shalimars -- Here We Go Round
Sil Austin (vocal Lester Young) -- Say Lou
Skip Cole and His Fabulous Hi-Spots -- Who's Gonna Win the Election
Smiley Moon and the Moontunes -- Whip It On
Smokey Hogg -- Good Mornin' Baby
Smokey Hogg -- Little Fine Girl
Smokey Hogg and His Guitar -- Crawdad
Solomon Burke -- Be Bop Grandma
Sonny Boy Williamson -- Trying to Get Back on My Feet
Sonny Oliver -- Jericho
Sonnyboy Franklin Orchestra (vocal Peewee Bell) -- Jumpin' the Blues
Steve King -- Strange Love
Sticks Herman -- Give Me Your Love
Sticks McGhee and His Orch. -- Help Me Baby
Sugar Tones -- Blow the Whistle
'Sugarcane' and His Violin -- Elim Stole My Baby
Syko and the Caribs -- Do the Dog
Syko and the Caribs -- Jenny
Tabbys (Arr. & directed by Tommy Falcone) -- Hong Kong Baby
T-Birds -- Taco Harry
Ted Royal -- I Really Go for You
Terry Sinclair -- Clown Suit
Texas-Ray -- Mary Ann
Texas-Ray -- What's Come Over You
Thaddeus Decoulet -- Know That Isn't Right
Thurston Harris and the Masters (Rufus Hunter featured vocalist) -- Purple Stew
Tommy Brown -- V-8 Baby
Tommy Law -- Look at That Baby
Tommy Law -- Loose Juice
Tony & Jeff -- Be with Me Pretty Baby
Tony Valletta Trio -- Garbage Man
Ulie and the Uniques -- You Don't Love Me
Valentines (vocal Robert & Ruby) -- Hey Ruby
Valiants -- Tequila Twist
Valtairs -- the Ko Ko Mo
Vernon and Jewel -- Since You Left Me All Alone
Vice-Roys -- Not Too Much Twist - Not Too Much Shout
Vicounts (vocal Noel Sheedy) -- Julie
Wally Fitch -- Little Girl
Wally Mercer & Orch. -- I'm Taking Caledonia to the Ball
Walter Spriggs with Jesse Stone Orchestra -- (I'm Gonna) Love You, Love You, Love You
Waymon Brown -- Barefoot Susie
Wilbert Harrison -- Baby Don't You Know
Wilbert Harrison -- Darling, Listen to This Song
Wilbert Harrison with the Roamers -- Da Dee Ya Da I'd Do Anything for You (version 1)
Win Menifee (arranged by Ray Allen-Kenny Smith) -- I'm Runnin' Around
Windy Hill (Orchestra under direction of Milton Schafer) -- Lighthouse! (Lead Me to a Pretty Baby)
X-Rays with Brownie McGhee (vocalist) -- You Got to Love Me Baby Too
Yochannan with Sun Ra & His Arkestra -- the Sun Man Speaks
Young Jessie (Orchestra conducted by Dick Hazard, arranged by Jerry Long) -- Teacher Gimmie Back
Young Richard -- Love - Lorn
Ze-Majestics -- Garlens Mambo

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Various Artists - Kosmos Favourites vol.470 (Early Rockers)

4 Speeds -- Jeanie Lee
6 Tornados -- Sloppin' After School
Actions -- Jerm City
Addrisi Brothers -- Everybody Happy
Al and Jet -- C'mon Baby
Al Bentley and the Hi-Riders -- Untangle the Twist
Al Debbo with Nico Carstens -- Hy-Ba-Ba-Rie-Bab
Al Denny -- Just Say
Al Lance -- I'm Walkin' Out
Al Michael & the Capers -- Twist Every Witcha-Kinda-Way
Al Sims & the Alpine Two -- Party
All Star Artists -- Good, Good Lovin'
Allen Case -- Come a Little Closer Baby
Allen Mann and the Mustangs -- First Love
Allen Page and the Crowns with the Moon Beams -- High School Sweater
Allen Page with the Deltones -- I Wish You Were Wishing
Allen Segura with Shorty Fitch and the Rhythm Rockers -- My Suzie Q
Andy Rose -- Lov-a Lov-a Love
Andy Terra -- Hey! Eilene
Anthony Renfro -- at the Dance
Antonino with the Miller Sisters & Jack Parker's Orch. -- When I'm Alone
Arnie Derksen with the Johnny Lewis Trio -- (I Think About My Baby) When the Sun Goes Down
Arnie Ginsburg -- Catching Spies
Baker Knight -- Just a Little Bit More
Barrons -- Brigitte
Barry Allen -- Hot Sunshine
Barry Ennis -- School Days
Barry Frank, Jimmy Carroll & Orchestra -- at the Hop
Beck Brothers -- Screamin' Mamie
Bell Notes -- Real Wild Child (the Wild One)
Benn Joe Zeppa, Differentials and the Four Gentlemen -- Shame on You, Miss Lindy
Bent Bolt & the Nuts -- the Mechanical Man
Bernie Boys -- Move It
Big John Little -- Look Out
Bill Ennis -- I'm Hypnotized
Bill Love -- I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry Over You
Bill Seagle -- Moon Walk
Billy (The) Kid -- I've Decided
Billy Bownds and Gil Baca Orch. -- I Got a New Babe
Billy Merman (Orchestra conducted by George Siravo) -- 900 Miles
Billy Randall -- Bye-Bye-Teacher
Billy Ray & the Searchers -- Endless Sleep
Bob Ayres with Pesek's Playmates -- Lila
Bob Mattice and the Phaetons -- Kaw-Liga
Bob Papotnik and the Raiders -- Miss You Baby
Bob Savar & the Ascots -- Bony Maronie
Bob Stroud and the Casuals -- Big Guitar
Bob Taylor & the Mystics -- Love That Woman
Bobby Charles -- Oh Yeah
Bobby Dean -- Dime Store Pony Tail
Bobby Dean -- Just Go Wild Over Rock & Roll
Bobby Hicks -- I'm for the Birds
Bobby Lowell and the Rock-A-Boogie Boys -- Um-Baby, Baby
Bogard Brothers -- She Keeps on Knocking
Boobis & Bobby, Nat Brooks Orchestra -- Emma-Lee
Bop-Kats -- Bop-Kat Rock
Bop-Kats -- Lost Love
Bop-Kats -- Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Bristow Hopper -- I Need to Be Loved
Bristow Hopper -- Love Has No Strings
Buddy Heart -- Julie
Buddy Howard -- Lifetime of Dreams
Buddy Howard with the Vagabond Trio (Arr. by Jimmy Luttrell) -- Devil Dream Song
Burt Blanca Et Les King Creoles -- Voilà Le Temps Des Vacances (It's Party Time)
Butch White -- Newsboy
Buzz Stillinger -- My First Love
Cannonballs -- Be-Bop-a-Lula
Cannonballs -- Johnny B. Goode
Caravans -- the Spook
Caravans -- Twistin', Rockin', Baby
Carlo & the Cupids -- Crazy Rock
Chan Romero -- Walk'n and Talk'n
Charlie Broome -- Sandy
Charlie J. and the Woolfmen -- Rip It Up
Checkmates -- West Side Whizz
Chessmen (vocal Tom Salem) -- It'll Be Me
Chieftones (vocal Vince) (Canada's all indian band) -- Indian Moon
Chieftones (vocal Vince) (Canada's all indian band) -- Rang-Dang-Do
Chuck Berry -- Nadine (Is It You)
Chuck Gray (music by Sandy Stanton's Panics) -- Foot Loose and Free
Citations feat. Arthur Hughes -- Help
Cleve Cosey with the Riders -- Everyday Lovin'
Cliffie Nash -- I Love You Darling
Comer Money -- My Mo Jo Working
Continental Cousins -- Relax
Corvets -- Please Don't Go
Cousins -- Kana Kapila
Crazy Rock Boys -- O.K. Rock
Crickets -- My Little Girl
Curtis & the Galaxies -- Laura Lee
Curtis Long and the Rhythm Rockers -- Hootchy Cootchy
Curtis Wayne -- I'll Be Around
Dale and the Uniques -- Friar's Twist
Dale Hawkins -- I Want to Love You
Dale Wright (with music by Ray Hart) -- But Not With Me
Daniel Denis (Arr. et Orch. Michel Meunier) -- Un Verre De Whiskey
Danny and the Nitro-Notes -- International Whirl
Danny Coughlan -- Beach Boy
Danny Diamond and the Rubies -- Rhythm in My Bones
Danny Mote and the Rhythm Masters -- Paralyzed
Darrell Glenn -- Hoo Doo the Voo Doo
David Dunn -- Oh, Dancing Doll
Daylighters -- Mad House Jump
Dee Robb and the Robbins -- Say That Thing
Del Randel -- Honey
Del Randel -- Lucy Watusy
Del Rays (managed by Lemar Rutherford) -- Star Light
Del-Tones -- You're My Love
Demons feat. Bill Dean -- Bill Bailey
Demons feat. Bill Dean -- Do You Really Care
Dennis Penna (background music Freebees) -- Battle of the Duals
Destroyers -- Hippy Hippy Shake
Dick Mason and Chorus (music by the High Fives) -- Cool Cats
Dickie Loader -- Happiness
Digger Revell and the Denvermen -- My Little Rocker's Turned Surfie
Diter -- Rock Saltitante (At the Hop)
Divots (vocal Dan Durham) -- Diddy-Wah-Diddy
Don and the Dominos -- Weary Blues
Don Cole -- Beulah Mae
Don Ellis and Royal Dukes -- Yah Yah
Don Guess & the Rock-Kings -- Finders Keepers
Don Morse with the Characters -- Baby Should I
Don Morse with the Characters -- Your Gone
Donn Abraham with the Ambassadors -- Cruel Betty Cruel
Donn Abraham with the Ambassadors -- International Twist
Donn Reynolds -- the Wild One
Donni Jerald -- I'm a Bum
Doug Powell -- Crazy Georgia Shake
Echo Men -- You Broke My Heart
Echoes -- Bye-Bye My Baby
Eddie Bond -- Boo Bop Da Caa Caa
Eddie Cochran -- I Got the Feeling
Eddie Cochran -- Pretty Girl
Eddie Fontaine with Orchestra directed by Joe Thomas -- Stand on That Rock
Eddie Howell with Ben Tawhiti and the Matonaires -- Well, Don't You Know
Eddie Howell with the Rock-a-Byes (musical direction Benny Levin) -- I'm a Man
Eddie Sulik -- Hard Rock Hattie
Eddy Arnold -- the Rockin' Mockin' Bird
Edwin Bruce -- Baby That's Good
Eli Whitney -- a Big Hunk of Love
Eligibles -- Shakespeare Rock
Elvin J -- Charlotte
Elvis Presley -- I Feel so Bad
Ernie Baribeau et ses Velvets -- Gold Diggin' Papa
Escorts -- the Wobble Drum
Exciting Avantis -- Walking Bird Dog
Fabian (arranged and conducted by Peter De Angelis) -- Tongue-Tied
Fabuliers -- the Night Belongs to You
Ferris and the Wheels Orchestra (conducted by Vince Peters) -- Chop Chop
Fess Parker -- Strong Man
Five Spots feat. Don Glenn -- Get with It
Flyers -- Big Deal
Four on the Floor -- I Can't Take My Loving Off of You
Four Romans (Arr. & cond. Frank Coma) -- Drag Race
Francois Breard (Arr. et Dir. L. Duquet) -- Johnny Gazoo
Frank Dean -- Teenage Wolf
Frank Thayer with the Lyonals -- Evening Shadows
Frankie and Johnny (Sardo) -- Together Tonight
Frankie Gem -- My Love
Frankie Sardo -- Fake Out
Frankie Sardo (arranged by Art Harris) -- Just You Watch Me
Frankie Taro and the Antics -- Butterball
Franklin Brothers -- Wake up (Little Boy Blue)
Freddie Bell and the Bell Boys -- Stay Loose, Mother Goose
Freddie Keil and the Kavaliers -- I Found a New Love
Freddie Roberts -- Hillbilly Hop
Freddy Fender -- Just a Little Bit
Furys -- Running Wild
Gary Allan (arranged & conducted by Lee Armentrout) -- Baby Don't Go
Gary Leath and his Nu-Tones -- Sensation
Gary Ray and the Charms -- What'cha Gonna Do
Gene and Wendell and the Sweethearts -- the Roach Stomp
Gene Summers and his Rebels -- Gotta Lotta That
Gene Terry and His Down Beats -- Fine - Fine
Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps -- Yes I Love You, Baby
Geno Lanzi -- Boney Maroney O Yeh!
George Birdwell -- Love Is Everywhere
George Young and Vocal Group -- Wow! Wow! Wow! (Wish You'd Belong To Me)
Georges Korafas -- Cleopatra
Gigolos -- La Campanola
Gigolos -- Luna Rock
Hal Driggers & the 6 Key Bros. -- Black Pepper
Hall Brothers -- Toy Boy
Hank England and the Ship-Mates -- Tears
Hard Times -- Miss Mini Lou
Harley Botts and the Felsted-ers -- Love Dove
Harold Hubble Spitfire's -- Let's Go Daddy'o
Harold Jenkins -- I Need Your Lovin' Kiss
Herb 'Big Daddy' Zane -- Twistin' Cat from Kansas City
Herb 'Big Daddy' Zane -- Twistin' Rickshaw Boy
Herbie Smith and Jay-Elles -- What Happened to the Girl
Hi-Tones -- Do What You Did
Holder Newton and the Apes -- On Safari
Honey Welch with Teddy and the Bears -- Hug and Kiss
Honey Welch with Teddy and the Bears -- If I Cry
Honeycones -- OP
Hoodoo -- Hoodoo the Voodoo
House Brothers-Quartet with the KeeKlickers -- Rock 'round the Old Corral
Howard Davis (accompanied by the Darts) -- Teenage Queen
Howard Marren -- the Phantom Strikes Again
Howie Butler & the Reflections -- Have a Good Time
Jack King -- Ready to Go Steady
Jack Owens with Al Allen's Orch. -- Martian Love Call (A Hand Jive)
Jack Reno -- the Rhythm of Love
Jack Reno -- the Walk
Jack Wallace and the Hi-Tones -- You Are the One
Jackie Hurst -- Night Wind
Jackie Terrell -- I'm Gonna Look for You
Jamie Coe (Orchestra & Chorus conducted by Dick Wolf) -- Two Dozen and a Half
Jay Blue -- the Coolest
Jay Epae (arranged and conducted by Belford Hendricks) -- Surfin' on Waikiki
Jay Epae (arranged and conducted by Bert Keyes) -- the Jungle Speaks
Jay Rees and the Monarks -- Streak of Lightning
Jay Stevens -- Tiger
Jerry Hawkins -- I Got a Heart
Jerry Hawkins -- Swing Daddy Swing
Jerry Merett and the Crowns -- the Kansas City Twist
Jerry Roberts -- Change Your Mind
Jerry Roberts and the Toppers -- Rendevous
Jerry Seifert -- Never, Baby, Never
Jerry Woodard and the Esquires -- With a Feeling
Jim Murphy and the Accents -- I'm Gone, Mama
Jim White and the King's Men -- Teenage Doll
Jimmie James -- Run Son Run
Jimmy Boyd (Orchestra under the direction of Gus Levene) -- I Love You So
Jimmy Cicero -- Susie-Q
Jimmy Dee and the Meteors -- the Monster Hop
Jimmy Ganzberg with Jimmy Coe Orch. -- Jo-Ellen
Jimmy Jay with the Trivials -- Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Jimmy Jay with the Trivials -- That's How I Feel About You
Jimmy Moore and Leo Evans -- Santa Claus Bop
Jimmy Skylar -- Boney Moroney
Jimmy Smart with Judy McDowell -- Shorty
Jimmy Thurman and the Cavaliers -- Pretty Baby (I Saw You Last Night)
Jimmy Wilkins and the Blue Falcons (vocal background by the Sarands) -- It's All Right
Jimmy Wilkins and the Sarands -- Move Over
Joe Hall with the Corvettes -- Cold Hearted Woman
Joe Padulo with Rusty Davis & Orchestra -- Chinese Baby
Joe Richie (music by the Rejects) -- I Had a Dream
Joe Walker and the Shulls -- Good Bij Gollij, Miss Mollij
Joe Weldon -- Please Come Home
Joey Sanchez Penna -- Soda Pop Rock
John Lowell -- Night Mares
John Mark -- Three Little Pigs (Mother Goose)
Johnny Amico -- Summertime Twist
Johnny Bachelor -- Arabella Jean
Johnny Bachelor -- Bad Company
Johnny Fisher -- Dream Tonight
Johnny Garmon and the Shadows -- Hey! Wind
Johnny O'Keefe and the Dee Jays -- Six O'Clock Rock
Johnny O'Keefe and the Dee Jays -- What Do Ya Know
Johnny Reno -- Naughty Mama
Johnny Sardo -- Hip Hop
Johnny Sardo -- I Wanna Rock
Johnny Sardo -- Late, Late, Late To School
Johnny Sardo -- New Kid in Town
Johnny Sharp and the Yellow Jackets -- Bombie
Johnny Silvio -- Julie Anne
Johnny Tedesco con Victor Buchino y su Conjunto -- No Existe El Amor
Johnny Tedesco con Victor Buchino y su Conjunto -- Sacate La Careta
Johnny Thompson and the One-Eyed Jacks -- the Sorcorer
Johny Tedesco y su Conjunto -- Es El Amor
Johny Tedesco y su Conjunto -- Loco Amor (Crazy Love)
Johny Tedesco y su Conjunto -- Presumida
Johny Tedesco y su Conjunto -- Vivo Suplicando
Johny Tedesco, Orchestre Chet Malboro -- Corina, Corina
JoJo Smith -- Find This Woman
Junior Shank and the Jesters -- Locked Out
Keith Dennis -- Almost Grown
Kelly Jay and the Jamies -- Let Love Walk Right In
Ken Darrell and the Rockaways -- Never Comin' Back
Ken Farr (musical direction Jack Nisbet) -- Girl in the Wood
Ken May & the Hifi Metros -- Angel in Blue
Kenny Hamilton with the Jesmonds (Harvey MacKend and the orchestra) -- My Baby Loves Me
Kenny Weekes & the Meteors -- Tennessee Waltz
Kent and Snuffy -- Bye Bye Buddy
King Brothers -- Hypnotize
Kingsfive Orchestra - New Redtops -- the Voodoo Man
L. E. Richards and the Girls (vocal Dicky Lee) -- Joreen (She's Something Else)
Larry and the Loafers -- I Want You to Know
Larry Dale -- Crying Over You
Larry French & the Geisha Girls -- Chopstick Twist
Larry Lee and the Leesures -- Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)
Larry Lindsay & the Lads with Billy Ver Planck Orchestra -- Please Please Baby
Larry Lindsay & the Lads with Billy Ver Planck Orchestra -- Teenage Doll
Larry Skiles -- Echoes
Le Comte Richard Valente -- Montreal De Toi J'ai Reve (Kansas City)
Lee Parker -- Sand Dance
Lee Russell with the Wayfarers -- Honky-Tonk Woman
Legends -- Summertime
Leo Castleberry -- Teenage Blues
Leon Holmes -- Half a Chance
Les & the Jokers -- Get on the Phone
Les Kangourous -- Les Kangourous
Les Sabres Combo -- a Million Miles from Nowhere
Les Tasher and His Rebel Rocks -- Jeannie, Jeannie
Lew Pryme & the Rocketeers -- Tallahassee Lassie (live)
Li'l Nash & the Ramblers -- Twenty Flight Rock
Linc Jefferies with the Missing Links -- On the Rampage
Lincoln Rand and the Reveliers -- Long Tall Sally
Little Bill -- Sweet Cucumber
Little Murph and His All Stars -- My Dog Loves Your Dog
Little Sammy Swinger -- (Straighten up &) Fly Right
Little Sammy Swinger -- Hot Pastrami with Mashed Potatoes
Little Ted and the Novas -- Baby-Baby-Baby
Little Tony and His Brothers -- Johnny B Goode
Little Tony and His Brothers -- the Hippy Hippy Shake
Lonesome Johnny -- Death Row
Lonesome Johnny -- Need Somebody
Los Dukes -- Boss Guitar
Los Dukes -- Decí Porqué No Querés
Los Dukes -- Mi Pancha
Los Super Secos -- Rebelde Sin Causa
Louis Dee and Deltones -- I Could Love You Baby
Louis Dee and Deltones -- You Love Me No More
Mack Banks -- Roberta
Madlads -- Madlad Twist
Mando & the Chili Peppers -- Maybellene
Manhattens -- Baby Right Now
Manny Cruse and the Sounds Quartette -- Don't You Do
Marc Cavell -- School Day Romance
Marcel St-Jean (Orchestra - T. Jitters) -- the Big Black Jacket
Maria Vincent avec Michael Colombier et son orchestre -- En Revenant (I'm Movin' On)
Mark IV -- 45 R.P.M
Mark Terry -- Move Slowly, Baby
Marty Cash -- So Long Sandy
Marty Nevers with Dick Marrone's Velvetone's -- Hindustan Rock and Roll Band
Medicine Men -- Just Say, Just Say
Medicine Men -- Lover
Michel Felix et les 'Twist'O'Matic' -- C'est Ca Le Twist
Mike Cordy -- Lyly Baby
Mike Cordy -- Rocking Sue
Mike Fern -- the Head Hunters
Mike Rabin and the Demons -- Head Over Heels
Misty Knights -- Contrary Mary
Mr. Gasser & the Weirdos -- You Ain't Nothing but a Honda
Neville Barry and the Commodores -- Keep Walkin'
Nick Romano -- Still in Love with You
Nicki Redman -- Cop's Rock
Nicky Brazell and the Satellites -- Betty Jo
Night Shadows -- Elevator
Nightbeats -- Cryin' All Night
Nightbeats -- Doreen
Other Half -- Carol
Outsiders -- Joe Bad
Owen Griffiths with the Rockettes -- Angela Jones
Owen Griffiths with the Rockettes -- Swingin' School
Panics feat. Sonny Richards -- Bony Moronie
Pat and the Royal Lancers -- a Fool
Pat LaRocca with the Bellatones Orch. -- Rowena
Pat Scot and the Impacs -- Great Falls, Montana
Paul Chaplin and His Band -- My Lovey Dovin'
Paul Curry -- Route 66
Pepe Parra -- Papa - Un - Mao - Mao
Pete Pepper -- Purple People Eater, Eater
Pete Shekeryk and Delua-Tones -- Believe in Me
Peter Andersen & the Tornadoes -- Hippy Hippy Shake (take 2)
Peter Kraus, Orchester Erwin Halletz -- Doll-Doll-Dolly
Peter Kraus, Orchester Erwin Halletz -- Kitty Cat (foxtrot aus dem Divina-Melodie-Gloria-Film 'Alle lieben Peter'
Peter Kraus, Orchester Johannes Fehring -- Tiger
Phil Barclay and the Sliders -- I Love Em All
Phil Cay and the Chantels -- the T-Bird
Pierre Simoncini -- Buddy Went A' Courtin'
Playmates with Hugo Peretti & His Orch. -- the Day I Died
Porter & the Bell Hops -- Go Little Go Go Girl
Ral Donner -- I Got Burned
Ral Donner -- Please Don't Tease
Ralph Sanford -- Steady Date
Randy Fisher (instrumental by the Sharp Tones) -- I've Got the Feeling
Randy Proffitt and the Beachcombers -- Check That Baby Out, One Time
Ravons -- I Love You Baby
Ray Doggett with Jimmy & Billy Price -- Go Go Heart
Ray Gerdsen and the Yello-Jakets -- Fatty Hattie
Ray Ruff and the Checkmates -- Uumm Oh Yeah
Ray Tann -- Hot Rod Queen
Ray Whitaker with orhestra -- Black Duck (With the Baby Blue Eyes)
Rayburn Anthony & the Kool Kats -- My Heart's Going
Rhythm Rockets -- Stranded in the Jungle
Richie Richardson with Charlie Cuevas and the Jaguars -- the Jump
Ricky Sann con I Rock Boys -- Twenty Flight Rock (Grattacielo Rock)
Robert Price and the Exotics -- Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Rock-Alongs (arranged and produced by Don Bradford) -- Don't 'Cha Know I Love You
Rock-a-Tunes feat. Butch McGillis -- Heartbeat
Rockets (vocal Johnny Vosdos) -- Jonny B. Goode
Rock-It's (vocal Ralph Robbins) -- Frankie and Johnnie
Rocky Holman - Morty Wise & the Wisemen -- Wild Boy
Rocky Volcano -- Brand New Beat
Roddy Jackson -- Johnny's Last Ride
Rodney Lay with the Blazers -- Little Orphan Annie
Roland Stone -- Moanin' Soul
Ron Winters with the Patriots (arr. by Bassett Hand) -- Back in the U.S.A.
Ronnie Hawkins -- Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks -- Clara
Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks -- Mary Lou
Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks -- My Gal Is Red Hot
Ronnie Isle and the Yo Yo's -- Hassie
Ronnie Self -- Houdini
Ronnie Self -- Petrified
Ronnie Self -- Rocky Road Blues
Ronnie Styner -- Hey, Hey Baby
Ronnie Sundin with Will Jess and His Jesters -- Just Ask Your Heart
Ronnie Sundin with Will Jess and His Jesters -- Mean Woman Blues
Ronnie Sundin with Will Jess and His Jesters -- Moo Cow Boogie Blues
Ronnie Sundin with Will Jess and His Jesters -- Mr. Blue
Ronnie Sundin with Will Jess and His Jesters -- Waltzing Matilda
Roulettes Orchestra (vocal Ray & Bob) -- Why Oh Why
Roy Hamilton (Orchestra under the direction of Jesse Stone) -- Jungle Fever
Royals (vocal Bob Bren) -- Back in Town
Rudy Grayzell and His Thunderbirds (accompanied by the Sparkles) -- F-B-I Story
Rudy Harvey and the Pips (R. D. Stokes Band) -- Popcorn
Runabouts -- Linda Lou
Russ Starman -- Little Eva
Russ Veers -- the Answer
Saints & Sinners -- Boney Moroney
Salmas Bros. -- I Don't Care
Sean Martin -- Blue-Gray Rock
Senators with Sax Kari & His Orchestra -- You'd Better Stop
Serge Savage -- Reelin' and Rockin'
Shadows -- Looly Lou
Slick Slavin -- She Says She's Mine
Slim Short (accompanied by the Kays) -- Black Steer Swing
Snakes -- At the Hop
Sonny Flaharty and His Young Americans -- Whole Lotta Shakin'
Sonny Russell -- Mud Boat
Spades (vocal Al Steele) -- Fatty Patty
Spinners -- Little Otis
Spinners -- Walked in the Blues
Sprints (vocal Bill Dimas) -- Shortenin' Bread
Squiddly Diddly's -- Jetsons
Stan Cayer -- 3 Wild Women
Starfires -- You’re My Only One
Steve Barry -- the Nightmare
'Stickan' Lundbeck, Claes-Göran Cronas Rock-Band -- Betty Lou
Sugar-Ree's -- Cheater
Sven-Ingvars Kvartett -- Diana
'Swingin'' Sting-Rays -- Teen Queen
T. Tommy -- Moon Fever
T. Tommy -- Silver Box
Ted Herold, Orchester Erwin Halletz -- Texas Baby
Ted Herold, Orchester Johannes Fehring -- Dein Kleiner Bruder (Little Brother)
Ted Herold, Orchester Johannes Fehring -- Hey Baby (A Big Hunk O' Love)
Ted Herold, Orchester Johannes Fehring -- Wunderbar,Wie Du Heut' Wieder Küßt (I Got Stung)
Ted Herold, Orchester Werner Scharfenberger -- So Schön Ist Nur Die Allererste Liebe (Oh Judy)
Teddy Lee Michael -- Back to School Again
Teen-Beats feat. Don Frassa -- Live Like a King
Teentones -- Told Ya Little Baby
Terry Clark -- I’m Gonna Travel
Terry Manning and the Wild Ones -- Hey Baby
Terry Redman -- Come on Back
Thunderbirds (vocal the Valvederes) -- Twistin' in Orbit
Tikies -- Money
Tino & Revlons -- Black Burma-Mudas and Knee Socks
Tokens (Arr. and cond. by Artie Butler) -- Let's Go to the Drag Strip
Tommy Beiner with Wendy & the Schoolgirls, Blackie Schackner & Orch. -- the Top 40
Tommy Clark and the Shadows with the Montgomery Sisters -- Eileen
Tommy Lane with Tommy Sheridan and Orchestra -- My Baby Likes to Rock N' Roll
Tommy Love -- Tell Me, Tell Me
Tommy Winters -- End of Dream Street
Tony Castro with the Promenade Orch. & Chorus -- Lot of Lovin'
Tony Garo -- Jezebel
Tony Light and the Bell Boys -- I've Got Bells in My Heart
Tony Padua with the Cruisers (Orchestra directed by Joe Jaros) -- the Battle Ride of the Seventh Cavalry
Tradewinds -- Wildwood Twist
Travelers with Danny Cavedo -- Not the Kind
Travelers with Danny Cavedo -- That's All
Troup -- Jungle Jive
Troy Onteare -- Marry the Money
Twi-Lites -- the Pony
Unknown -- I'm so in Love Tonight
Unknown -- Tiger
Unknowns -- Crazy Daisy
Valiants with Jim Bing -- Mutha
Vaughn Monroe with Joe Reisman's Orchestra -- the Rock 'N' Roll Express
Velvetones -- Mustang
Velvetones -- Think About Me
Victor Blanco y Los Locos Del Ritmo -- A Bailar Twist
Vi-Kings -- She's Cool
Vikings -- the Swomp
Vincent Macree & the Rhythm Kings -- Teen-Age Talk
Wade & the Nationals -- Butterfly
Ward Darby -- Crazy
Wayne & Ray (arranged and conducted by Johnny Madara) -- I've Got Your Love on My Mind
Will Cheky and His Arrows -- Lets Go Arrows
Willie Ward and the Warblers -- I'm a Madman
Willy Monti y Los Tiburones -- Primitiva -Rock
Winstons feat. Edwin Korn -- School Girl (Are You Going My Way)

пятница, 9 апреля 2021 г.

Various Artists - Kosmos Favourites vol.469 (Jazz)

3 Riffs -- My Baby and a Lemon-N-Lime
3 Sharps and a Flat -- Hawaiian War Chant
3 Sharps and a Flat -- I Ain't in Love No More
Adrian Rollini and the Golden Gate Orchestra -- Don't Take That Black Bottom Away
Adrian Rollini and the Golden Gate Orchestra -- Red Hot Henry Brown
Adrian Rollini and the Golden Gate Orchestra -- Tiger Rag
Alfredo Brito and His Siboney Orchestra -- Maria, My Own (María La O)
Allan Eager -- Rampage
Allen Eager Quartet -- Symphony Sid's Idea
Ambrose and His Orchestra -- I'm in the Market for You (from the film 'High Society Blues')
Ambrose and His Orchestra (vocal by Ella Logan & Sam Browne) -- Shoo the Hoodoo Away
American Novelty Orchestra -- Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town
Art Kassel and His Kassels-in-the-Air (vocal refrain by 'the Three Romeos') -- Hell's Bells
Art Tatum -- Begin the Beguine
Art Tatum -- Boots and Saddle
Art Tatum -- Dardanella
Art Tatum -- Elegie
Art Tatum -- Get Happy
Art Tatum -- Hallelujah!
Art Tatum -- Happy Feet
Art Tatum -- I Would Do Anything for You
Artie Shaw and His Gramercy Five -- Crumbum
Artie Shaw and His Gramercy Five -- Dr. Livingstone, I Presume
Artie Shaw and His Gramercy Five -- Stop and Go Mambo
Artie Shaw and His Gramercy Five -- Sunny Side Up
Artie Shaw and His Gramercy Five -- the Grabtown Grapple
Artie Shaw and His Gramercy Five -- When the Quail Come Back to San Quentin
Artie Shaw and His Orchestra -- Non-Stop Flight
Babe Wallace (accompanied by Skeets Tolbert and His Gentlemen of Swing) -- Fine Piece of Meat
Babe Wallace (accompanied by Skeets Tolbert and His Gentlemen of Swing) -- I'm Blowin' My Top
Barney Bigard and His Jazzopaters -- Chew Chew Chew (Chew Your Bubble Gum)
Ben Pollack & His Pick-a-Rib Boys -- That Da-Da Strain
Ben Webster Quartet -- Blue Skies
Benny Bell -- Elope with Me
Benny Carter and His Orchestra with Django Reinhardt (guitar) -- Farewell Blues
Bernard Addison and His Rhythm (vocal refrain by Kirby Walker and Jasper Thomas) -- I Can't Dance (I Got Ants in My Pants)
Bill Moore and His Band -- Swingin for Pappy
Billy Banks & the Rhythmakers -- Yellow Dog Blues
Billy Costello (with Orchestra directed by Teddy Foster) -- Nagasaki
Black Cats and the Kitten -- You Better Ask Somebody
Blue Harmony Boys -- Good Feeling Blues
Blue Harmony Boys -- Jerking the Load
Blue Harmony Boys -- Sweet Miss Stella Blues
Blythe and Clark -- Bow to Your Papa
Bobby Sherwood & His Orchestra -- Bob's Mob
Bonnie Davis (vocadance Bunny Banks Trio) -- Don't Stop Now
Bonnie Davis with the Piccadilly Pipers -- Shoo Shoo Baby
Boots and His Buddies -- East Commerce Stomp
Boots and His Buddies -- Rhythmic Rhapsody
Boots and His Buddies -- San Antonio Tamales
Borrah Minevitch and His Harmonica Rascals -- the Ghost Walk
Boyd Raeburn & His Orchestra -- Tonsillectomy
Buddy Johnson and His Band (vocal chorus by Mack Sisters) -- Swing Along with Me
Buddy Johnson and His Band (vocal chorus by the Mack Sisters) -- Jammin' in Georgia
Buddy Johnson and His Band (vocal chorus by the Mack Sisters) -- When You're Out with Me
Bunny Banks Trio -- Knock Me Out (with a Boogie Bar)
Bunny Banks Trio (vocadance chrous by Bonnie Davis) -- That Ain’t Right
Bunny Berigan and His Orchestra (vocal refrain by Ruth Bradley) -- All God's Chillun Got Rhythm (featured in the M-G-M film 'a Day at the Races')
Camp Acton Jive Cats -- If You're a Viper
Candy and Coco -- Bugle Call Rag (take 2)
Cardinal Guitar Trio -- Bye Bye Blues
Carolina Cotton Pickers -- Charleston Swing (test)
Carolina Cotton Pickers Orchestra -- Let's Get Together
Carolina Cotton Pickers Orchestra -- Western Swing
Casper Reardon His Harp and His Orchestra -- Tormented
Charles Avery -- Dear Born Street Stomp
Clarence Williams and His Orchestra -- Jingles
Clarence Williams' Orchestra -- Shooting the Pistol
Cliff Perrine and Orchestra -- I Lost My Gal from Memphis
Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers -- Dance Hall Shuffle (take 1)
Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers -- Frog Hop (take 1)
Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers -- Hey! Am I Blue (take 1)
Clifford Hayes' Louisville Stompers -- Shady Lane Blues (take 2)
Coleman Hawkins Acc. Par Michel Warlop Et Son Orchestre with Django Reinhardt -- Blue Moon
Comedian Harmonists -- Perpetuum Mobile
Connie's Inn Orch. -- Blue Rhythm
Connie's Inn Orch. -- Sugar Foot Stomp
Cotton Pickers -- Just Hot
Cotton Pickers -- Snakes' Hips
Cotton Pickers -- Walk, Jenny, Walk
Cotton Pickers (trombone passages by Miff Nole) -- Down and Out Blues
Cozy Cole & His Orchestra -- Jericho
Cozy Cole & His Orchestra -- Stompin' at the Savoy
Cozy Cole & His Trumpet -- Flat Rock
Cozy Cole & His Trumpet -- Ridin' the Riff
D.C. Nelson's Serenaders -- New Orleans Breakdown
Dan Burley and His Skiffle Boys -- Big Cat, Little Cat (take B)
Dan Burley and His Skiffle Boys -- Big Cat, Little Cat (take C)
Dicky Wells' Shim Shammers (vocal refrain by Fletch Jahon) -- Baby Are You Satisfied
Dixie Four -- Five O'Clock Stomp
Dixie Four -- Kentucky Stomp
Dixie Jazzers Washboard Band -- Kansas City Shuffle (take 2)
Dixie Jazzers Washboard Band (vocal chorus Cooksey) -- Black Cat Bones (take 2)
Dixie Rhythm Kings -- the Chant
Dixie-Land Thumpers -- Oriental Man
Dixon's Jazz Duo -- Headache Blues
Dixon's Jazz Duo -- K.D. Blues
Dixon's Jazz Maniacs -- Tiger Rag
Don Albert and His Orchestra -- Deep Blue Melody
Don Albert and His Orchestra -- Rockin' and Swingin'
Don Byas Quartet -- St. Louis Blues
Don Byas's Swing Shifters -- Bass-C-Jam
Dusty Brooks and His Four Tones -- Please Don't Rush Me
Dusty Brooks and the Four Tones -- Shoo Boogie Mama
Earl Warren & His Orchestra -- Circus in Rhythm
Eddie Davis & His Be Boppers -- Maternity
Ella Fitzgerald (accompanied by Vic Schoen and His Orchestra) -- Flying Home
Ella Fitzgerald with Randy Brooks & His Orch. -- Benny's Coming Home on Saturday
Emil Coleman and His Orchestra -- I've Got Five Dollars (Tengo Cinco Pesos) (from the Musical Comedy 'America's Sweetheart')
Emmet Mathews -- St. James Infirmary
Emmett Berry's Hot Seven -- Minor Romp
Emmett Matthews and His Orchestra -- Take a Good Look at Mine
Ernest 'Mike' Michall & His New Orleans Boys -- Toledano Street Blues
Ernie Fields and His Orchestra -- Bless Your Heart
Ernie Fields and His Orchestra -- Blues at Midnight
Ernie Fields and His Orchestra -- High Jivin'
Erskine Hawkins and His Orch. (vocal refrain by Ida James) -- Big-Wig in the Wigwam
Ethel Waters and Her Jazz Masters -- Long Lost Mama
Ethel Waters' Jazz Masters -- Pacific Coast Blues
Ethel Waters' Jazz Masters -- Royal Garden Blues
F. H. Henderson, Jr. -- the Unknown Blues
Fats Smith and His Rhythm Kings -- Music Makes Me Feel That Way
Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra -- Off to Buffalo
Four Blackbirds -- Dixie Rhythm
Four Tones -- Swingin' in Rhythm
Four Tones -- Weddin' Day
Frances Day -- Ooh! That Kiss
Frankie Newton and His Cafe Society Orchestra -- Parallel Fifths
Frankie Ortega Trio, Sy Oliver and His Orchetra -- Dining at Dino's
Freddie Taylor and His Swing Men from Harlem -- Blue Drag
George Druck's Sweet's Ballroom Orchestra -- Tiger Rag
George Hamilton -- Chimes Blues
George Shearing -- Buccaneer's Bounce
George Shearing -- George's Boogie
Golden Gate Orchestra (Adrian Rollini) -- Crazy Words-Crazy Tune (Vo-Do-De-O)
Goodwin Goldie's Flexo Recording Orchestra -- Ya Got Love
Goofus Five -- Vo-Do-Do-De-O Blues
Harry's Reckless Five -- St. James Infirmary Blues (Gambler's Blues)
Harry's Reckless Five -- Wailing Blues
Henry Johnson & His Boys -- Blue Hawaii
Henry Johnson & His Boys -- Hawaiian Harmony Blues
Herbie Fields Hot Five -- O.K. Sarge
Hokum Boys -- Better Cut That Out
Hokum Boys -- Selling That Stuff
'Hot Lips' Page’s Swing Seven -- Paging Mr. Page
Jack Coakley's Flexo Recording Orch. -- My Future Just Passed
Jack Coakley's Flexo Recording Orch. -- Walking My Baby Back Home
Jack Coakley's Orchestra -- Cheer Up
Jack Coakley's Orchestra -- Happy Days Are Here Again
Jeanette's Synco Jazzers -- the Bumps
Jelly Roll Morton -- Mamanita
Jewel Paige -- Hip, Hip, Hooray
Jim Mundy and His Swing Club Seven (vocals & trumpet Walter Fuller) -- Ain't Misbehavin
Jimmy Blythe and His Ragamuffins -- Messin' Around
Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra (vocal chorus by June Richmond) -- Joseph! Joseph!
Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra (vocal chorus by June Richmond) -- the Darktown Strutters' Ball
Jimmy Johnston's Rebels -- Here Comes Malinda (Aqui Viene Malinda)
Jimmy Johnston's Rebels (vocal chorus Tom Stacks) -- To-Night's My Night with Baby (Este Noche Es Mi Noche Con La Bambina)
Jimmy O'Bryant's Famous Original Washboard Band -- Chicago Skiffle
Jimmy O'Bryant's Famous Original Washboard Band -- My Man Rocks Me
Jimmy O'Bryant's Famous Original Washboard Band -- Please Don't Break 'em Down
Jimmy O'Bryant's Famous Original Washboard Band -- Thirty-Eight and Two (It Must Be Forty)
Jimmy O'Bryant's Famous Original Washboard Band -- Three J Blues
Jimmy O'Bryant's Washboard Band -- Alabamy Bound
Jimmy O'Bryant's Washboard Band -- Hot Hot Hottentot
Joe Brown and His Band (Jewel Paige on piano) -- Beaumont Street Blues
Joe Marsala's All-Timers -- Clarinet Marmalade
Joe Marsala's All-Timers -- Village Blues
John Williams & His Memphis Stompers -- Pee Wee Blues
Johnny Guarnieri Trio -- Bowing, Singing Sam
Johnny Guarnieri Trio -- Dueces Wild
Johnny Guarnieri Trio -- Firebird
Johnny Guarnieri Trio -- New Exercise in Swing
Johnny Guarnieri's All Star Orch. -- Basie English
Johnny Guarnieri's All Star Orch. -- Exercise in Swing
June Richmond -- Tall Paul
June Richmond with Roy Milton and His Band -- 47th Street Jive
June Richmond with Roy Milton and His Band -- Hey, Lawdy Mama! (Meet Me in the Bottom)
June Richmond with Roy Milton and His Band -- Mr. Jackson from Jacksonville
June Richmond with Roy Milton and His Band -- Ride on, Ride On
June Richmond, Cab Calloway & His Orchestra -- Tee-Um, Tee-Um, Tee-I, Tahiti
Junie Cobb's Home Town Band -- Chicago Buzz
Katie Crippen -- That's My Cup Blues
King Oliver -- King Porter
King Oliver's Jazz Band -- the Southern Stomps
King Oliver's Jazz Band -- the Southern Stomps (alt)
Klien Tindull Paramount Serenaders -- so Is Your Old Man
Knocky Parker -- the Grace and Beauty Rag [broadcast]
Lawrence Welk and His Orchestra -- Thrill Me
Leo Parker's All Stars -- Mad Lad Boogie
Lester Young -- Lester's Blues
Lester Young Quintet -- Jump, Lester, Jump
Loumell Morgan Trio -- Good Enough to Keep
Loumell Morgan Trio -- Mop Mop
Loumell Morgan Trio -- What in the World Am I Goin' to Do
Lucille Hegamin with Blue Flame Syncopators -- Wang Wang Blues
Mabel Lee -- Chicken Shack Shuffle
Mabel Lee -- the Cat Can't Dance
Mack Sisters -- Gin and Cocoanut Water
Mack Sisters -- I Love That Carrying On
Mandel Terry and Orchestra -- Black and Tan Fantasy
Melrose Dixieland Thumpers -- Pass the Jug
Midway Garden Orchestra -- Lots O' Mama
Mills Brothers with Ella Fitzgerald -- Big Boy Blue
Muriel Gaines, (the Enchantress) with by Sam Manning's Serenaders -- You Got to Have Power
Muriel Gaines, the Enchantress with by Sam Manning's Serenaders -- Too Sweet Too Sweet
Nat King Cole Trio Feat. Ida James -- Is You Is or Is You Aint My Baby
Nathan Russell (Orchestra & vocal under direction of Ray Ellis) -- His Name Was Dean
New Orleans Nehi Boys -- Mobile Stomp
Nora and Delle and Their Ham Trio -- Keep a Knockin' (But You Can't Come in)
Nora Lee King with Jimmy Smith and His Sepians -- Boy! It's Solid Groovy
Nora Lee King with Jimmy Smith and His Sepians -- Sporty Joe
O'Bryant's Famous Original Washboard Band -- Sugar Babe
O'Bryant's Washboard Band -- Back Alley Rub
Paul Williams & His Hucklebuckers -- Cranberries
Paul Williams & His Sextette -- Boogie Ride
Paul Williams & His Sextette -- Bouncing with Benson
Pete Brown Quintette -- Back Talk Boogie
Pete Brown Quintette -- Ooh Wee
Pete Brown's Sextette -- Pushin the Mop
Puppini Sisters -- I Got Rhythm
Quintones (Orchestra under direction of Buck Ram) -- Harmony in Harlem
Quintones (Orchestra under direction of Buck Ram) -- When My Sugar Walks Down the Street
Rose Murphy Trio feat. Slam Stewart -- Big Noise from Winnetka
Ruben 'River' Reeves and His River Boys -- Head Low
Ruben 'River' Reeves and His River Boys -- Yellow Five
Ruben 'River' Reeves and His River Boys -- Zuddan
Savoy Dictators -- Heyfuss-Geyfuss
Savoy Dictators -- Rhythm & Bugs
Shelly Manne & His Men -- Fallout
Slam Stewart, Errol Garner -- Laff Slam Laff
Sy Tabu Mike with Dusty Brooks and His Four Tones -- Genevieve
Teddy Wilson and His Orchestra (vocal chorus Thelma Carpenter) -- Love Grows on the White Oak Tree
Teddy Wilson and His Orchestra (vocal Thelma Carpenter) -- Why Begin Again
Thelma Carpenter -- Just You, Just Me
Thelma Carpenter (assisted by the Deep River Boys and accompanied by Bud Freeman and His Orchestra) -- My Guy's Come Back
Thelma Carpenter feat. Lehman Engel & His Orchestra -- Diga-Diga Doo
Three Sharps and a Flat -- Big Noise from Winnetka
Three Sharps and Flats -- Piccolo Stomp
Tiny Parham and His 'Forty' Five -- a Little Bit Closer
Tit Soper, acc. Baby Dodds -- That's a Plenty
Tito and His Swingtette (vocal chorus the Quintones) -- Nami-Nami
Tito and His Swingtette (vocal chorus the Quintones) -- the Lonesome Trail Ain't Lones
Tom Smith and Dudd Williamson -- My Baby Just Cares for Me
Tub Jug Washboard Band -- San
W.H. Burton-Marcus Moman -- Do Do Lady
W.H. Burton-Marcus Moman-Cliff Moore -- Roll That Jelly
Wade's Moulin Rouge Orchestra -- Mobile Blues
Williams & Moore -- Dustin' the Keys
Windy Rhythm Kings -- Piggly Wiggly Blues
Young's Creole Jazz Band -- Every Saturday Night

пятница, 26 февраля 2021 г.

Various Artists - Kosmos Favourites vol.468 (Early Blues)

Al (Stomp) Russell Trio (vocal Doc Basso) -- Blue Prelude
Alex Moore -- Come Back Baby
Alice Moore -- Serving Time Blues
Allen Shaw -- I Couldn't Help It
Ann Sorter McCoy (Vocal Blues with Trio) -- Tell It To the O.P.A
Ann Sortier -- Never Leave Me
Anna Belle Coleman -- Unkind Blues
Anna Lee Chisholm -- Cool Kind Daddy Blues
Archie Lewis -- Miss Handy Hanks
Austin McCoy and his trio (vocal Mae Johnson) -- You Gotta Make A Change
Baby Face Leroy Trio (vocal Leroy Foster) -- Red Headed Woman
Bea Booze -- These Young Man Blues
Beale Street Sheiks (Stokes and Sane) -- Beale Town Bound
Beale Street Sheiks (Stokes and Sane) -- Blues in 'D'
Beale Street Sheiks (Stokes and Sane) -- Sweet To Mama
Ben Ferguson -- Please Don't Holler, Mama
Bertha Henderson -- Terrible Murder Blues
Biddleville Quintette -- Heaven Is My View
Big Bill and Thomps -- House Rent Stomp
Big Boy Knox -- Eleven Light City Blues
Bill Moore -- Barbershop Rag
Bill Williams and Sammy Sampson -- No Good Buddy (err) (take 1)
Blind Blake -- Champagne Charlie Is My Name
Blind Blake -- Chump Man Blues
Blind Blake -- Come On Boys Let's Do That Messin' Around
Blind Blake -- One Time Blues
Blind Blake -- Slippery Rag
Blind Blake -- Southern Rag
Blind Joel Taggart -- I Ain't No Sinner Now
Blind Lemon Jefferson -- Bad Luck Blues
Blind Lemon Jefferson -- Black Horse Blues
Blind Lemon Jefferson -- Booster Blues
Blind Lemon Jefferson -- Corinna Blues
Blind Lemon Jefferson -- Dry Southern Blues
Blind Lemon Jefferson -- Easy Rider Blues
Blind Lemon Jefferson -- Got the Blues
Blind Lemon Jefferson -- Got the Blues (alt)
Blind Lemon Jefferson -- How Long How Long
Blind Lemon Jefferson -- Rising High Water Blues
Blind Mack -- Keep Your Good Woman Home
Blind Norris -- Sundown Blues
'Blind Richard' Yates -- I'm Gonna Moan My Blues Away
Blind Richard Yates -- Levee Blues
'Blind Richard' Yates -- Sore Bunion Blues
Blind Richard Yates -- Wayward Roamer Blues
Blind Roosevelt Graves and His Brother -- Guitar Boogie
Blind Willie Davis -- Your Enemy Cannot Harm You
'Bo' Carter -- Ram Rod Daddy
Bobby Grant -- Nappy Head Blues
Brownie McGhee -- Gone, Baby, Gone
Brownie McGhee -- So Much Trouble
Buddy Boy Hawkins -- Awful Fix Blues
Buddy Boy Hawkins -- Jailhouse Fire Blues
Cabineers -- Let the Party Go On
Canaanites -- When I Get Home
Charles Griffin -- Boll Weevil Rag
Charley Patton -- Frankie and Albert
Charley Patton -- High Water Everywhere (part I)
Charley Patton -- Magnolia Blues
Charlie Campbell And His Red Peppers -- Pepper Sauce Mama
Charlie Spand -- Ain't Gonna Stand For That
Charlie Spand -- Moanin' the Blues
Cleo Brown -- Cook That Stuff
Clifford Gibson -- Sunshine Moan
Clifford Gibson -- Tired of Being Mistreated (part I)
Clifford Gibson -- Whiskey Moan Blues
Dallas Jug Band -- You Gotta Have That Thing
Day, Dawn & Dusk -- Bones, Bones, Bones
Delta Big Four -- Moaner Let's Go Down In the Valley
Delta Four -- Farewell Blues
Delta Rhythm Boys -- Watermelon on the Vine
Dixon and Channey -- Sweet Patunia
Dixon's Chicago Serenaders -- Tu-Cu Blues
Do Ray And Me -- You Can't Love Two
Dorothea Trowbridge (with Pinetop Sparks) -- Bad Luck Blues
Dorothea Trowbridge (with Pinetop Sparks) -- Slavin' Mama Blues
Dusky Dailey -- Flying Crow Blues
Ed Bell -- She's a Fool Gal
Eddie Chamblee -- Blue Steel
Eddie Morgan -- Rock House Blues
Edith Johnson -- That's My Man
Edna Hicks -- Tain't A Doggone Thing But the Blues
Edward Thompson -- Showers Of Rain Blues
Edward Thompson -- West Virginia Blues
Effie Smith and Buddy Harper -- Poor Girl
Elisabeth Welch -- Solomon
Elnora Johnson -- I Like That Thing (Called the Black Bottom)
Eloise Bennett -- Sting Me Mr. Strange Man
Elzadie Robinson -- Back Door Blues
Elzadie Robinson -- Going South Blues
Elzadie Robinson -- Hour Behind the Sun
Elzadie Robinson -- You Aint the Last Man
Ethel Davenport -- When God Dips His Love in My Heart
Ethel Davenport & the National Clouds of Joy -- Ethel's Prayer
Ethel Davenport with rhythm accompaniment -- Gospel Hop
Everett Robbins -- A Triflin' Daddy's Blues
Famous Blue Jay Singers of Birmingham -- Oh My Lord Didn't It Rain
Famous Blue Jay Singers of Birmingham -- Standing By the Bedside Of A Neighbor
Famous Myers Jubilee Singers -- Ezekiel Prophesied To the Dry Bones
Faye Barnes -- the Chicago Gouge
Flennoy Trio (vocal Jimmy Edwards) -- Did You Ever Love A Woman (part 1)
Flennoy Trio (vocal Jimmy Edwards) -- Did You Ever Love A Woman (part 2)
Flo Bert -- Don't Take Away Those Blues
Four Blue Jackets -- Rip! Somebody Done Snagged Their Britches
Four Clefs (vocal Martha Artis) -- Am I Still Your Baby
Freezone -- Indian Squaw Blues
George Carter -- Rising River Blues
George Ramsey -- Oh What A Fool Blues
Harum Scarums -- Come On In (Ain't Nobody Here But Me)
Harum Scarums -- Sittin' On Top Of the World
Helen Proctor -- You'll Never Miss the Water 'Til the Well Runs Dry
Henry Moon and Geo. Thomas -- Neck Bones and Beans
Hokum Boys -- I Was Afraid Of That (part I)
Hokum Boys -- Put Your Mind On It
Hokum Boys -- Selling That Stuff No. 2
Hokum Boys -- You Can't Get Enough Of That Stuff
Hooney Dripper (Roosevelt Sykes) -- She's Long Gone
Ida Cox -- Black Crepe Blues
Ida Cox -- Weary Way Blues
Ida Cox, piano acc. Jessie Crump -- 'Fore Day Creep
Imperial Quartet -- Rain, Rain, Rain
Inez Washington and the Four Kings Of Rhythm -- New That Ain't Right
Inez Washington and the Four Kings Of Rhythm -- Soldier Man Blues
Irene Scruggs -- Borrowed Love
Irene Scruggs -- Good Grinding
Iva Smith -- Barrel House Mojo
Ivy Willis -- Hen Pecked Papa
Ivy Willis with instumental accompaniment -- Boogie Woogie Jive
Ivy Willis with instumental accompaniment -- Messy Bessie
Jabo Williams -- Fat Mama Blues
James (Stump) Johnson and His Piano -- Bound To Be A Monkey
James Blythe -- Armour Ave. Struggle
James Williamson And His Trio -- Farmer's Blues
Jenny Pope -- Tennessee Workhouse Blues
Jenny Pope (vocal with guitar and piano by Tampa Red and Georgia Tom) -- Whiskey Drinking Blues
Jesse & Buzzy -- Without Your Love
Jesse Johnson and His Singers -- I Wish I Had Died In Egyptland (part I)
Jessie May Roberson, Little Fry with Monroe Tucker's Orchestra -- Rock ‘Em And Roll 'Em
Jim Jackson -- Hey Mama -- It's Nice Like That (Part 2)
Jimmy Smith & His Sepians (vocal Nora Lee King) -- Big Chump Blues
Joe Pullum -- Hattie Green
John Lee Hooker -- Big Fine Woman
John Lee Hooker -- I Need Lovin' (alt. take of 'Tease Me Over Baby')
John Lee Hooker -- Mad Man Blues
John Lee Hooker -- Tell Me Baby
John Lee Hooker -- Women And Money
June Davis acc. by the Cats & the Fiddle -- Gin Misery Blues
June Davis with Red Saunders and his Orch. -- J.D. Blues
King Solomon Hill -- Down On My Bended Knee
Lazy Slim Jim -- Georgia Woman
Lazy Slim Jim -- Money Blues
Lazy Slim Jim -- Wine Head Baby
Lena Phillips (of Rev. Kelsey's Congregation) -- After Awhile
Lena Wilson -- Memphis Tennessee
Lightnin' Hopkins -- Howling Wolf Blues
Lil and Will Brown -- Moanful Mama
Long 'Cleve' Reed and Little Harvey Hull (the Down Home Boys) -- Mama You Don't Know How
Long 'Cleve' Reed and Little Harvey Hull (the Down Home Boys) -- Two Little Tommie Blues
Lottie Beaman -- Mama Can't Lose
Lucille Bogan -- Coffee Grindin' Blues
Lucille Bogan -- Sweet Patunia
Ma Rainey -- Jealous Hearted Blues
Ma Rainey -- Little Low Mamma Blues
Mabel Robinson with the 4 Blackamoors -- You Don't Know My Mind
Madlyn Davis and Her Hot Shots -- Winter Blues
Madlyn Davis and Red Hot Shakers -- Worried Down with the Blues
Maggie Hathaway and Her Bluesmen -- Nobody's Business What I Do
Margaret Johnson -- Dead Drunk Blues
Martha Copeland -- Stole My Man Blues
Mattie Dorsey -- Love Me Daddy Blues
Maude Mills (acc. Fats Waller and Mike Jackson) -- I've Got the Joogie Blues (take 2)
Melody Masters -- My Baby
Memphis Minnie -- I'm Talkin' 'Bout You No. 2
Miss Country Slim -- My Girlish Days
Monette Moore -- Somebody's Been Lovin' My Baby
Monette Moore and Sammy Price Trio -- Please Mr. Blues
Mr. Freddie Spruell -- Let's Go Riding
Muriel (Bea Booze) Nichols And Her Sixielanders -- See See Rider
Nathaniel Terry -- Take It Easy
Nick Nichols -- Rugger Blues
Nora & Delle -- Army Camp Blues
Norfolk Jazz Quartette -- Louisiana Bo Bo
Norfolk Jazz Quartette -- Oh What Is the Matter Now
Norfolk Jazz Quartette -- Pleading Blues
Norfolk Jubilee Quartet -- Crying Holy Unto the Lord
Norfolk Jubilee Quartet -- I Want To Cross Over To See My Lord
Norfolk Jubilee Quartette -- Lord I Don' Care Where the Bury My Body
Norfolk Jubilee Quartette -- Somebody's Always Talking About Me
Original Kings Of Harmony -- Little David
Papa Charlie Jackson -- Airy Man Blues
Papa Charlie Jackson -- Lets Get Along
Papa Charlie Jackson -- Shave Em Dry
Papa Charlie Jackson -- Up the Way Bound
Perry & His Stomp Band -- Ash Can Stomp
Perry Dixon -- Be Mean To Your Belly
Pullman Porters Quartette -- Good News Chariot's Coming
Ramblin' Thomas -- So Lonesome
Raymond Barrow -- Walking Blues
Red Hot Shakin' Davis -- It's Red Hot
Red Hot Shakin' Davis -- Too Black Bad
Rev. Charlie Jackson -- Morning Train
Rob Robinson -- I'm Gonna Moochy
Roosevelt Sykes -- Just Hanging Around
Roosevelt Sykes -- the Cannon Ball
Roosevelt Sykes (the Honey Dripper) -- Third Degree Blues
Rube Lacy -- Ham Hound Crave
Sister Ethel Davenport -- Recommending Jesus To You
Skip James -- Illinois Blues
Slim Gaillard Trio with Wini Beatty, piano -- Mean Mama Blues
Slim Smith -- Bread Line Blues
Son Becky -- Black Heart Blues
Son Becky -- Sunrise Blues
Sunnyland Slim -- Devil Is A Busy Man
Tarter & Gay -- Brownie Blues
Teddy Darby -- My Laona Blues
Tommy McClennan -- Shake It Up And Go
Triangle Quartette -- Doodlin' Back
unknown (Nassau, Bahamas, group) -- Hallie Rock (Jumping Dance)
unknown (Nassau, Bahamas, string-band) -- Bimini Gal
Viola Bartlette -- Shake That Thing
Viola Bartlette -- Sunday Morning Blues
Viola Bartlette -- Tennessee Blues
Violet McCoy (Fletcher Henderson at piano) -- Don't Mean You No Good Blues
Walter 'Fats' Pichon with Q.R.S. Boys -- Dad Blame Blues
Washboard Sam & His Washboard Band -- Let Me Play Your Vendor -Blues
Watson's Pullman Porters -- Barbecue Blues
Watson's Pullman Porters -- Down Home Special
Whistlin' Alex Moore -- It Wouldn't Be So Hard
Will Ezell -- Barrel House Man
William (Bill) Moore -- Ragtime Millionaire
William and Versey Smith -- I Believe I'll Go Back Home
Williams & Moore -- Block And Tackle Blues
Willie Brown -- Future Blues
Wilson's T.O.B.A. Band -- Steady Roll
Yack Taylor (accompanied by Louis Jordan and Tympany Five) -- Hard Lovin' Blues
Yack Taylor (accompanied by Skeets Tolbert and His Gentlemen Of Swing) -- Sugar Boogie

суббота, 13 февраля 2021 г.

Various Artists - Kosmos Favourites vol.467 (Soviet Beat & Oldies)

Collage -- Kaevul Kosija
Collage -- Kaokiri
Collage -- Laula Kuni Elad
Collage -- Neiud Lähevad Ära
Collage -- Petis Peiu
Collage -- Uni, Tule Silma Peale!
estrādes kolektīva 'RĪGA' sieviešu vokālais ansamblis -- Ceļa Dziesma
Ilona Bāliņa; 'Menuets' -- Meitene Un Lietussargi
Jerzy 'Dudus' Matuszkiewicz -- Stawka Wieksza Niz Zycie
Nijolė Tallat-Kelpšaitė -- Beng, Beng!
Nijolė Tallat-Kelpšaitė -- Džovane
Nijolė Tallat-Kelpšaitė -- Toks Gyvenimas
Nijolė Tallat-Kelpšaitė -- Žiburėlis
Poppojad -- Fever
Trolejbuss -- Velga Eisaka
unknown -- [Деньги Дребеденьги] (из м_ф 'Остров сокровищ')
unknown -- [маны-маны] (из м_ф 'Приключения капитана Врунгеля')
unknown -- [основная тема] (музыка из к_ф 'Совесть')
unknown -- unknown (из м_ф 'Приключения Мюнхгаузена. Павлин')
unknown -- unknown (музыка из к_ф 'Большой Фитиль')
unknown -- unknown (музыка из к_ф 'Три дня Виктора Чернышева') (фрагмент 1)
unknown -- unknown (музыка из к_ф 'Три дня Виктора Чернышева') (фрагмент 2)
unknown -- unknown (музыка из к_ф 'Фотографии на стене')
unknown -- Вдоль по улице метелица метёт (из к_ф 'Совесть')
unknown -- Потешки (Курочка по зернышку)
Александр Зацепин -- Мелодия (из к_ф 'На завтрашней улице')
Александр Зацепин, Оркестр Кинематографии -- Твист в ресторане
Алла Иошпе (В.Мещерин и ансамбль Электроинструментов) -- Песня о фантазёре
Алла Савенко -- Не гадайте, девочки
Ансамбль им. В.Александрова -- Жди солдата
Ансамбль им. В.Александрова -- Солнце скрылось за горою
Валентина Неженцева (муз. Виктора Власова) -- Одинокая птица (из к_ф 'Продавец воздуха')
Валерий Приказчиков -- Посмотри
Вероника Круглова -- Бабушка и внучка (live)
Вероника Круглова -- Последний табун (чеш.) (live)
ВИА Аэлита -- Недаром
ВИА Аэлита -- Ой, Цветёт Калина
ВИА Аэлита -- Суки-Яки (инструментальная пьеса)
ВИА Гая -- Застольная
ВИА 'Гульшан' -- Хорошо
ВИА Лесные братья -- unknown (1)
ВИА Лесные братья -- unknown (2)
ВИА Лесные братья -- Баллада
ВИА Лявоны -- Лявоны
ВИА Новый Электрон -- Мирза
ВИА Светляки -- Гимн ГСК «Данко»
ВИА Светляки -- Мамонт (О Любви)
ВИА Славяне -- Эй, человек!
ВИА 'Яшлик' п_у Мурата Ахмадиева -- Алмута Алмиси
ВИА 'Яшлик' п_у Мурата Ахмадиева -- Старый Рубаб
Виктор Вуячич -- А человек поёт
ВК Аккорд -- Гарем
ВК Аккорд -- На завтрашней улице (из к_ф 'На завтрашней улице ')
ВК Советская песня -- Московское метро
Вокально-инструментальный ансамбль п_у Э. Рокина -- Танец зонтиков
Гелена Великанова -- По грибы
Георгий Петренко -- Осторожно, листопад!
Гос. хор им. Пятницкого (Худож. рук-ли В.Г.Захаров и П.М.Казьмин, запев. Клоднина) -- Будьте здоровы
Дос-Мукасан -- Кайдасын
Дос-Мукасан -- Карлыгаш
Жан Татлян, Инстр. ансамбль п_у В.Терлецкого -- Песенка О Капели
Инструментальный ансамбль п_у Ивана Ливанова -- Юмористический танец
Кальмер Тенносаар -- Весенняя серенада
Кола Бельды, рок-группа п_у Юрия Арсенова -- Застольная
комп. Евгений Геворгян -- музыкальная тема (из к_ф 'Место встречи изменить нельзя')
Лев Барашков, вокальный ансамбль -- Главное, ребята, сердцем не стареть
Леонид Утёсов -- Бублички
Леонид Утёсов -- Песня ветеранов
Леонид Утёсов -- Темная ночь
Леонид Утёсов и Гос. джаз-орк. РСФСР -- Партизанская борода
Леонид Утёсов и Гос. джаз-орк. РСФСР -- Под звёздами балканскими
Леонид Утёсов, ансамбль солистов Гос. эстр. оркестра РСФСР -- Ленинградские Мосты
Лидия Русланова -- Как на речке было, на Фонтанке
Лидия Русланова -- Ой-да ты подуй, ветер низовый
Лидия Русланова, Гос. русск. нар. орк. под упр. Д.П. Осипова -- За реченькой диво
Лидия Русланова, Гос. русский нар. оркестр под упр. Д.П. Осипова -- Колхозная полька
Лидия Русланова, Секстет домр под упр. Н.Н. Некрасова -- Посею лебеду на берегу
Мария Лукач -- Там где любит ветер спать (live)
Марк Рейзен, ансамбль песни -- Дороги
Марк Рейзен, хор -- Песня о Щорсе
Оркестр 'Голубой экран' п_у К. Титара -- В кафе 'Молодежном' (тер-ри-кон)
Револьвер -- Я видел её вчера
Татьяна Анциферова (муз. Александр Зацепин) -- И будет так всегда (из к_ф 'Капитан Немо')
Эдит и Леонид Утёсовы и Гос. джаз-орк. РСФСР -- Лётная песенка
Эстрадный оркестр Ленинградского Радио (муз. Андрей Петров) -- Русский Сувенир
Юрий Гуляев -- Мы учим летать самолёты
Юрий Мухин -- Карнавал в Софии
Ян Френкель -- [твист] (музыка из к_ф 'Чёрт с портфелем')
Ян Френкель, Константин Ваншенкин, Ансамбль 'Романтики' -- Десантная строевая
Երազողները (Мечтатели) -- Unknown
Երազողները (Мечтатели) -- Երազիր մեզ հետ (Мечтай со мной)

понедельник, 8 февраля 2021 г.

Various Artists - Kosmos Favourites vol.466 (Peruvian 60s)

Acosta y su Guitarra -- Islas Canarias
Anamelba (arr. y Dir. Peter Delis) -- Wa Watusi
Aniceto y sus Fabulosos -- Guajira Enamorada
Anita Martinez (Morris Cymbal) -- Tengo Nada
Carlos Alberto con Carlos Pickling y Orq. -- Lita
Carlos Berscia y su Orq. (canta Rita Saenz) -- Estas Botas Son Para Caminar
Celendino -- Celendin Cielo del Eden
Celendino -- El Amor y Los Abigeos
Charlie y Many con Otto de Rojas y su Conj. -- Pictures Of Matchstick Men (Foto de Hombre en Una Caja de Fosforo)
Ciro Alejandro -- Un Extraño en la Ciudad
Ciro Alejandro -- Ya No Siento Amor
Conj. la Caja de Hielo (canta Carlo) -- Mira Como Baila
Conjunto Los 007 -- Cuando Salga el Sol
Conjunto Los 007 -- Era Sola Mi Amor
Conjunto Los 007 -- Escucha Nena
Conjunto Los 007 -- Mrs. Robinson
Danny Valdy con Enrique Lynch y su Counjunto -- Envenenada Por el Twist
Dav-Vodskas -- Kathia
Duraznito y sus Twisters (canta Jorge Botteri) -- Amorcito (Lovey Dovey)
Duraznito y sus Twisters (canta Jorge Botteri) -- Duraznito Twistero
Duraznito y sus Twisters (canta Jorge Botteri) -- Pobre Fannie
Duraznito y sus Twisters (canta Jorge Botteri) -- the Peppermint Twist
Duraznito y sus Twisters (canta Jorge Botteri) -- Twist Around the Clock
Edgar (Zamudio) - Jorge (Flores) y Nelson 'los Vikingos' -- La Chica Bing Bang Bung
Edgar y Jorge 'Los Vikingos' -- Contigo en Verano
Edson y su Conjunto -- Te Recuerdo
El Chaton y su Conjunto (canta Cesar Altamirano) -- Bailando el Twist
El Sexto Sonido -- Dos Veces
El Sexto Sonido -- No Puedo Ocultar Mis Penas
Enrique Delgado y sus Amigos -- El Surf de la Chiquilla
Enzo Roldán -- María Nomás
Eulogio Molina y sus Rock & Rollers -- Birth Of the Boogie
Gino Fontana y el Conjunto de Raul Huampachano -- Di Por Que
Golden Boys -- Los Golden Boys
Grupo Nuevo Dia (canta Gabriel, de - G. Chumpitazi) -- Muchacho Triste
Gustavo Hit Moreno con la Orq. de Enrique Lynch -- Ye, Ye, Ye
Hang Tens -- Till the End Of the Day
Heriberto y sus Guaracheros -- Descarga del Chinito
Heriberto y sus Guracheros -- Carruseles
Isaac Vivanco Tarco y su Guitarra -- Burla Al Rock
Jeriko -- ¡¡ Hey Joe !!
Jimmy Santy -- El Llavero y Mi Corazón
Jimmy Santy con Enrique Lynch y su Conjunto -- Ahora No (Adesso No)
Joe Danova -- Ruby Baby
Joe Danova con el Conj. de Eulogio Molina -- Pequeña Niña (This Little Girl)
Joe Danova con la Orq. de Eulogio Molina -- Josefina
'Johnny Moran' (accomp. del Conjunto Siglo XX) -- Amor de Escolar
Jorge Conty con Enrique Lynch y su Conjunto -- Es Prohibido Fumar
Juaneco y su Combo -- La Danza del Pacurro
Julio Díaz y su Combo -- La Parada Street
Kela Gates (accomp. Conj. Los Belking's) -- Loca Por Un Loco - Go-Go
Kela Gates (accomp. Peter Delis y su Conj.) -- Batijugando - Go Go
Kela Gates y Los Belking's -- Guerra y Dolor
Kike Martino (Acomp. Peter Delis y su Orq.) -- Dos Campanadas
Kike Martino (Peter Delis y su Orq.) -- Problemas de Transito - Cha Cha-Twist
Koki Palacios (accomp. Conj. Los Dream's) -- Sonia - Slow Rock
La Nueva Sombra -- El Recholo
Laghonia -- Someday
Laghonia -- Trouble Child
Lidio Mongilardi -- Twist del Amor
Lidio Mongilardi con Los Tinners -- Mi Coche y Yo
Lita Branda (Conj. Carlos Pickling) -- Quiero Tomar Tu Mano
Lita Chavez (accomp. Mino y su Conjunto) -- Yo Me Ire Me Ire
Lolé y su Conjunto -- El Twist del Conejo
Lolé y su Conjunto -- Josefina
Los Águilas -- Scarlett O'Hara
Los Andaluces -- Tormento
Los Audaces -- Selva Alegre
Los Belking's -- Empujando Fuerte - Go Go
Los Benford's -- Déjame en Paz
Los Benford's -- Nena No Hagas Eso
Los Benford's -- Super Ritmo
Los Casmeños -- Bogaloo de Los Casmeños
Los Cricket's -- Mister Robbin
Los Cricket's -- Si Tu Ya No Vienes
Los Dacios -- Sabes Que Te Quiero
Los Dakotas -- Maria
Los Dakotas -- Nunca Nunca
Los Darlings de Huanuco -- Lobos Al Escape
Los Dart's -- Mariela
Los Datsun's -- ¿Qué Hora Es
Los Datsun's -- Amor y Leyenda
Los Datsun's -- Muñeca
Los Datsun's -- No Se
Los Datsun's -- Sensación
Los Derby's -- S.O.S. - Go-Go
Los Destellos -- La Fatídica
Los Doltons -- Doctor Barnard (Un Corzon A Go Go)
Los Doltons -- Guantanamera
Los Doltons -- Mi Día Vendrá
Los Doltons -- Susie Q
Los Doltons con el accomp. de Enrique Lynch y sus Cobres -- Hombre Solitario
Los Dragones -- Más Acción
Los Drag's -- Good Loving
Los Dream's -- La Respuesta - Go Go
Los Espectros -- Cuando el Indio Llora
Los Espectros -- Ollantay
Los Espias -- La Chica del Vestido Verde
Los Fabulosos Cinco -- Te Quiero Ver
Los Fanning's -- Siempre Habrá Un Lugar
Los Fanning's -- Susana
Los Fanning's -- Tijuana
Los Flash (canta Fernando Cassan) -- Consejo Hippie - Surf
Los Flash (canta Fernando Cassan) -- Cuando Salga el Sol - Surf
Los Golden Brass -- El Arpa
Los Golden Stars -- Justo Para Mi
Los Incas Modernos -- Carnavalito
Los Incas Modernos -- Como Un Ángel
Los Incógnitos -- Ya Será Tarde
Los Jaguar's -- Lo Bueno, Lo Malo y Lo Feo (Tema de la Pelicula)
Los Jelwees -- Boogaloo Sicodelico
Los Junior's -- Camina en la Noche
Los Junior's -- Tercera Piedra del Sol
Los Kreps -- Pobre Muchacho
Los Kreps y sus Satelites -- Daniela
Los Kreps y sus Satelites -- Manzanita de Mi Amor
Los Kubaney -- Almendra
Los Maipres -- Bajate de Mi Nube
Los Millonarios del Jazz -- Rock with Us
Los Mutables -- Pasos en la Luna
Los Mutables -- Suspenso en el Espacio
Los Nardos -- Mi Ñaña
Los Orientales -- Creiste Que Lloraba
Los Saicos -- Cementerio
Los Saicos -- Salvaje
Los Shain's -- Shut Down
Los Shain's -- Soul Limbo
Los Shain's -- Tomahawk
Los Shain's -- Vamos
Los Sideral's -- Carnavalito Boliviano Humahuaqueno
Los Sideral's -- El Condorpasa
Los Sideral's -- Facundo
Los Sideral's -- Hippie
Los Sideral's -- Poco Puedo Darte
Los Silvertones -- Por Que Amar
Los Silverton's -- Sombras, Solo Sombras
Los Steivos -- Los Ojos del Diablo
Los Stones -- Enamorado de Ti
Los Sunset -- Guitarra de Fuego
Los Telstar -- Ya Veras
Los Telstar's -- Negra Toma Cachina
Los Texao -- Nada de Nada
Los York's -- Abrázame
Los York's -- La Carta
Los York's -- Se Que No Cambiaras
Los Yungas -- El Sol Naciente
Los Zañartu -- Amor
Los Zañartu -- Fiesta de Verano
Los Zodiac -- Bertha Lou
Luis Alva y Los Snacks -- Hilda
Nallye Fernadez con el Conj. de Carlos Pickling -- Vuelve A Mi Barquita
Nelson Arias -- Si Ella No Esta
New Juggler Sound -- Las Mil Millas del Amor
Otto de Rojas y su Conjunto -- Soul Limbo
Pepe Cabrera y sus Halcones -- Lucila
Pepe Cipolla -- Difícil
Pepe Cipolla con el Conj. Los Shain's -- Despierta Lorenzo
Pepe Cipolla con la Orq. de Eulogio Molina -- Llora Llora
Pepe Cipolla y Los Shains y Orquesta Eulogio Molina -- Bla, Bla, Bla Nena
Pepe Miranda (accomp. Peter Delis, Su Orq. y Coros) -- Si Vas A Dejarme
Pepe Miranda (Peter Delis, Su Conj. y Coros) -- La Pera Madura -- Twist
Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical -- Mi Bello Amor (Go-Go)
Raúl Vásquez -- Natacha
Red Amber -- Coke Jam
Rholando (accomp. Enrique Lynch y su Conjunto) -- Abrázame, Abrázame Fuerte
Rita Saenz con Tito Chicoma y su Orquesta -- Mi Pobre Mamá
Robby y su Conjunto -- Tempestad
Robby y su Conjunto -- Veinte Pesos
Rosita Peru -- de Tal Palo Tal Astilla
Same People -- Don Nadie Soy
Sergio Murillo -- La Bruja
Teddy Castro -- Amanecere Sin Ti
Teddy Castro (accomp. Lucho Alva y su Conj.) -- Negro Gato
Teddy Castro con Lucho Alva y su Conj. -- Un Muchacho Como Yo
Tony Marin y Los Teddy's -- Gritaras
We All Together -- It's A Sin To Go Away (instrumental)

Various Artists - Kosmos Favourites vol.471 (Rhythm & Blues)

Aaron Collins with Orchestra nad Chorus  directed by Neely Plumb -- Washwoman Ace Holder -- Wabba Suzy-Q Al Brown & His Tunetoppers -- T...