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Various Artists - Kosmos Favourites vol.470 (Early Rockers)

4 Speeds -- Jeanie Lee
6 Tornados -- Sloppin' After School
Actions -- Jerm City
Addrisi Brothers -- Everybody Happy
Al and Jet -- C'mon Baby
Al Bentley and the Hi-Riders -- Untangle the Twist
Al Debbo with Nico Carstens -- Hy-Ba-Ba-Rie-Bab
Al Denny -- Just Say
Al Lance -- I'm Walkin' Out
Al Michael & the Capers -- Twist Every Witcha-Kinda-Way
Al Sims & the Alpine Two -- Party
All Star Artists -- Good, Good Lovin'
Allen Case -- Come a Little Closer Baby
Allen Mann and the Mustangs -- First Love
Allen Page and the Crowns with the Moon Beams -- High School Sweater
Allen Page with the Deltones -- I Wish You Were Wishing
Allen Segura with Shorty Fitch and the Rhythm Rockers -- My Suzie Q
Andy Rose -- Lov-a Lov-a Love
Andy Terra -- Hey! Eilene
Anthony Renfro -- at the Dance
Antonino with the Miller Sisters & Jack Parker's Orch. -- When I'm Alone
Arnie Derksen with the Johnny Lewis Trio -- (I Think About My Baby) When the Sun Goes Down
Arnie Ginsburg -- Catching Spies
Baker Knight -- Just a Little Bit More
Barrons -- Brigitte
Barry Allen -- Hot Sunshine
Barry Ennis -- School Days
Barry Frank, Jimmy Carroll & Orchestra -- at the Hop
Beck Brothers -- Screamin' Mamie
Bell Notes -- Real Wild Child (the Wild One)
Benn Joe Zeppa, Differentials and the Four Gentlemen -- Shame on You, Miss Lindy
Bent Bolt & the Nuts -- the Mechanical Man
Bernie Boys -- Move It
Big John Little -- Look Out
Bill Ennis -- I'm Hypnotized
Bill Love -- I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry Over You
Bill Seagle -- Moon Walk
Billy (The) Kid -- I've Decided
Billy Bownds and Gil Baca Orch. -- I Got a New Babe
Billy Merman (Orchestra conducted by George Siravo) -- 900 Miles
Billy Randall -- Bye-Bye-Teacher
Billy Ray & the Searchers -- Endless Sleep
Bob Ayres with Pesek's Playmates -- Lila
Bob Mattice and the Phaetons -- Kaw-Liga
Bob Papotnik and the Raiders -- Miss You Baby
Bob Savar & the Ascots -- Bony Maronie
Bob Stroud and the Casuals -- Big Guitar
Bob Taylor & the Mystics -- Love That Woman
Bobby Charles -- Oh Yeah
Bobby Dean -- Dime Store Pony Tail
Bobby Dean -- Just Go Wild Over Rock & Roll
Bobby Hicks -- I'm for the Birds
Bobby Lowell and the Rock-A-Boogie Boys -- Um-Baby, Baby
Bogard Brothers -- She Keeps on Knocking
Boobis & Bobby, Nat Brooks Orchestra -- Emma-Lee
Bop-Kats -- Bop-Kat Rock
Bop-Kats -- Lost Love
Bop-Kats -- Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Bristow Hopper -- I Need to Be Loved
Bristow Hopper -- Love Has No Strings
Buddy Heart -- Julie
Buddy Howard -- Lifetime of Dreams
Buddy Howard with the Vagabond Trio (Arr. by Jimmy Luttrell) -- Devil Dream Song
Burt Blanca Et Les King Creoles -- Voilà Le Temps Des Vacances (It's Party Time)
Butch White -- Newsboy
Buzz Stillinger -- My First Love
Cannonballs -- Be-Bop-a-Lula
Cannonballs -- Johnny B. Goode
Caravans -- the Spook
Caravans -- Twistin', Rockin', Baby
Carlo & the Cupids -- Crazy Rock
Chan Romero -- Walk'n and Talk'n
Charlie Broome -- Sandy
Charlie J. and the Woolfmen -- Rip It Up
Checkmates -- West Side Whizz
Chessmen (vocal Tom Salem) -- It'll Be Me
Chieftones (vocal Vince) (Canada's all indian band) -- Indian Moon
Chieftones (vocal Vince) (Canada's all indian band) -- Rang-Dang-Do
Chuck Berry -- Nadine (Is It You)
Chuck Gray (music by Sandy Stanton's Panics) -- Foot Loose and Free
Citations feat. Arthur Hughes -- Help
Cleve Cosey with the Riders -- Everyday Lovin'
Cliffie Nash -- I Love You Darling
Comer Money -- My Mo Jo Working
Continental Cousins -- Relax
Corvets -- Please Don't Go
Cousins -- Kana Kapila
Crazy Rock Boys -- O.K. Rock
Crickets -- My Little Girl
Curtis & the Galaxies -- Laura Lee
Curtis Long and the Rhythm Rockers -- Hootchy Cootchy
Curtis Wayne -- I'll Be Around
Dale and the Uniques -- Friar's Twist
Dale Hawkins -- I Want to Love You
Dale Wright (with music by Ray Hart) -- But Not With Me
Daniel Denis (Arr. et Orch. Michel Meunier) -- Un Verre De Whiskey
Danny and the Nitro-Notes -- International Whirl
Danny Coughlan -- Beach Boy
Danny Diamond and the Rubies -- Rhythm in My Bones
Danny Mote and the Rhythm Masters -- Paralyzed
Darrell Glenn -- Hoo Doo the Voo Doo
David Dunn -- Oh, Dancing Doll
Daylighters -- Mad House Jump
Dee Robb and the Robbins -- Say That Thing
Del Randel -- Honey
Del Randel -- Lucy Watusy
Del Rays (managed by Lemar Rutherford) -- Star Light
Del-Tones -- You're My Love
Demons feat. Bill Dean -- Bill Bailey
Demons feat. Bill Dean -- Do You Really Care
Dennis Penna (background music Freebees) -- Battle of the Duals
Destroyers -- Hippy Hippy Shake
Dick Mason and Chorus (music by the High Fives) -- Cool Cats
Dickie Loader -- Happiness
Digger Revell and the Denvermen -- My Little Rocker's Turned Surfie
Diter -- Rock Saltitante (At the Hop)
Divots (vocal Dan Durham) -- Diddy-Wah-Diddy
Don and the Dominos -- Weary Blues
Don Cole -- Beulah Mae
Don Ellis and Royal Dukes -- Yah Yah
Don Guess & the Rock-Kings -- Finders Keepers
Don Morse with the Characters -- Baby Should I
Don Morse with the Characters -- Your Gone
Donn Abraham with the Ambassadors -- Cruel Betty Cruel
Donn Abraham with the Ambassadors -- International Twist
Donn Reynolds -- the Wild One
Donni Jerald -- I'm a Bum
Doug Powell -- Crazy Georgia Shake
Echo Men -- You Broke My Heart
Echoes -- Bye-Bye My Baby
Eddie Bond -- Boo Bop Da Caa Caa
Eddie Cochran -- I Got the Feeling
Eddie Cochran -- Pretty Girl
Eddie Fontaine with Orchestra directed by Joe Thomas -- Stand on That Rock
Eddie Howell with Ben Tawhiti and the Matonaires -- Well, Don't You Know
Eddie Howell with the Rock-a-Byes (musical direction Benny Levin) -- I'm a Man
Eddie Sulik -- Hard Rock Hattie
Eddy Arnold -- the Rockin' Mockin' Bird
Edwin Bruce -- Baby That's Good
Eli Whitney -- a Big Hunk of Love
Eligibles -- Shakespeare Rock
Elvin J -- Charlotte
Elvis Presley -- I Feel so Bad
Ernie Baribeau et ses Velvets -- Gold Diggin' Papa
Escorts -- the Wobble Drum
Exciting Avantis -- Walking Bird Dog
Fabian (arranged and conducted by Peter De Angelis) -- Tongue-Tied
Fabuliers -- the Night Belongs to You
Ferris and the Wheels Orchestra (conducted by Vince Peters) -- Chop Chop
Fess Parker -- Strong Man
Five Spots feat. Don Glenn -- Get with It
Flyers -- Big Deal
Four on the Floor -- I Can't Take My Loving Off of You
Four Romans (Arr. & cond. Frank Coma) -- Drag Race
Francois Breard (Arr. et Dir. L. Duquet) -- Johnny Gazoo
Frank Dean -- Teenage Wolf
Frank Thayer with the Lyonals -- Evening Shadows
Frankie and Johnny (Sardo) -- Together Tonight
Frankie Gem -- My Love
Frankie Sardo -- Fake Out
Frankie Sardo (arranged by Art Harris) -- Just You Watch Me
Frankie Taro and the Antics -- Butterball
Franklin Brothers -- Wake up (Little Boy Blue)
Freddie Bell and the Bell Boys -- Stay Loose, Mother Goose
Freddie Keil and the Kavaliers -- I Found a New Love
Freddie Roberts -- Hillbilly Hop
Freddy Fender -- Just a Little Bit
Furys -- Running Wild
Gary Allan (arranged & conducted by Lee Armentrout) -- Baby Don't Go
Gary Leath and his Nu-Tones -- Sensation
Gary Ray and the Charms -- What'cha Gonna Do
Gene and Wendell and the Sweethearts -- the Roach Stomp
Gene Summers and his Rebels -- Gotta Lotta That
Gene Terry and His Down Beats -- Fine - Fine
Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps -- Yes I Love You, Baby
Geno Lanzi -- Boney Maroney O Yeh!
George Birdwell -- Love Is Everywhere
George Young and Vocal Group -- Wow! Wow! Wow! (Wish You'd Belong To Me)
Georges Korafas -- Cleopatra
Gigolos -- La Campanola
Gigolos -- Luna Rock
Hal Driggers & the 6 Key Bros. -- Black Pepper
Hall Brothers -- Toy Boy
Hank England and the Ship-Mates -- Tears
Hard Times -- Miss Mini Lou
Harley Botts and the Felsted-ers -- Love Dove
Harold Hubble Spitfire's -- Let's Go Daddy'o
Harold Jenkins -- I Need Your Lovin' Kiss
Herb 'Big Daddy' Zane -- Twistin' Cat from Kansas City
Herb 'Big Daddy' Zane -- Twistin' Rickshaw Boy
Herbie Smith and Jay-Elles -- What Happened to the Girl
Hi-Tones -- Do What You Did
Holder Newton and the Apes -- On Safari
Honey Welch with Teddy and the Bears -- Hug and Kiss
Honey Welch with Teddy and the Bears -- If I Cry
Honeycones -- OP
Hoodoo -- Hoodoo the Voodoo
House Brothers-Quartet with the KeeKlickers -- Rock 'round the Old Corral
Howard Davis (accompanied by the Darts) -- Teenage Queen
Howard Marren -- the Phantom Strikes Again
Howie Butler & the Reflections -- Have a Good Time
Jack King -- Ready to Go Steady
Jack Owens with Al Allen's Orch. -- Martian Love Call (A Hand Jive)
Jack Reno -- the Rhythm of Love
Jack Reno -- the Walk
Jack Wallace and the Hi-Tones -- You Are the One
Jackie Hurst -- Night Wind
Jackie Terrell -- I'm Gonna Look for You
Jamie Coe (Orchestra & Chorus conducted by Dick Wolf) -- Two Dozen and a Half
Jay Blue -- the Coolest
Jay Epae (arranged and conducted by Belford Hendricks) -- Surfin' on Waikiki
Jay Epae (arranged and conducted by Bert Keyes) -- the Jungle Speaks
Jay Rees and the Monarks -- Streak of Lightning
Jay Stevens -- Tiger
Jerry Hawkins -- I Got a Heart
Jerry Hawkins -- Swing Daddy Swing
Jerry Merett and the Crowns -- the Kansas City Twist
Jerry Roberts -- Change Your Mind
Jerry Roberts and the Toppers -- Rendevous
Jerry Seifert -- Never, Baby, Never
Jerry Woodard and the Esquires -- With a Feeling
Jim Murphy and the Accents -- I'm Gone, Mama
Jim White and the King's Men -- Teenage Doll
Jimmie James -- Run Son Run
Jimmy Boyd (Orchestra under the direction of Gus Levene) -- I Love You So
Jimmy Cicero -- Susie-Q
Jimmy Dee and the Meteors -- the Monster Hop
Jimmy Ganzberg with Jimmy Coe Orch. -- Jo-Ellen
Jimmy Jay with the Trivials -- Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Jimmy Jay with the Trivials -- That's How I Feel About You
Jimmy Moore and Leo Evans -- Santa Claus Bop
Jimmy Skylar -- Boney Moroney
Jimmy Smart with Judy McDowell -- Shorty
Jimmy Thurman and the Cavaliers -- Pretty Baby (I Saw You Last Night)
Jimmy Wilkins and the Blue Falcons (vocal background by the Sarands) -- It's All Right
Jimmy Wilkins and the Sarands -- Move Over
Joe Hall with the Corvettes -- Cold Hearted Woman
Joe Padulo with Rusty Davis & Orchestra -- Chinese Baby
Joe Richie (music by the Rejects) -- I Had a Dream
Joe Walker and the Shulls -- Good Bij Gollij, Miss Mollij
Joe Weldon -- Please Come Home
Joey Sanchez Penna -- Soda Pop Rock
John Lowell -- Night Mares
John Mark -- Three Little Pigs (Mother Goose)
Johnny Amico -- Summertime Twist
Johnny Bachelor -- Arabella Jean
Johnny Bachelor -- Bad Company
Johnny Fisher -- Dream Tonight
Johnny Garmon and the Shadows -- Hey! Wind
Johnny O'Keefe and the Dee Jays -- Six O'Clock Rock
Johnny O'Keefe and the Dee Jays -- What Do Ya Know
Johnny Reno -- Naughty Mama
Johnny Sardo -- Hip Hop
Johnny Sardo -- I Wanna Rock
Johnny Sardo -- Late, Late, Late To School
Johnny Sardo -- New Kid in Town
Johnny Sharp and the Yellow Jackets -- Bombie
Johnny Silvio -- Julie Anne
Johnny Tedesco con Victor Buchino y su Conjunto -- No Existe El Amor
Johnny Tedesco con Victor Buchino y su Conjunto -- Sacate La Careta
Johnny Thompson and the One-Eyed Jacks -- the Sorcorer
Johny Tedesco y su Conjunto -- Es El Amor
Johny Tedesco y su Conjunto -- Loco Amor (Crazy Love)
Johny Tedesco y su Conjunto -- Presumida
Johny Tedesco y su Conjunto -- Vivo Suplicando
Johny Tedesco, Orchestre Chet Malboro -- Corina, Corina
JoJo Smith -- Find This Woman
Junior Shank and the Jesters -- Locked Out
Keith Dennis -- Almost Grown
Kelly Jay and the Jamies -- Let Love Walk Right In
Ken Darrell and the Rockaways -- Never Comin' Back
Ken Farr (musical direction Jack Nisbet) -- Girl in the Wood
Ken May & the Hifi Metros -- Angel in Blue
Kenny Hamilton with the Jesmonds (Harvey MacKend and the orchestra) -- My Baby Loves Me
Kenny Weekes & the Meteors -- Tennessee Waltz
Kent and Snuffy -- Bye Bye Buddy
King Brothers -- Hypnotize
Kingsfive Orchestra - New Redtops -- the Voodoo Man
L. E. Richards and the Girls (vocal Dicky Lee) -- Joreen (She's Something Else)
Larry and the Loafers -- I Want You to Know
Larry Dale -- Crying Over You
Larry French & the Geisha Girls -- Chopstick Twist
Larry Lee and the Leesures -- Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)
Larry Lindsay & the Lads with Billy Ver Planck Orchestra -- Please Please Baby
Larry Lindsay & the Lads with Billy Ver Planck Orchestra -- Teenage Doll
Larry Skiles -- Echoes
Le Comte Richard Valente -- Montreal De Toi J'ai Reve (Kansas City)
Lee Parker -- Sand Dance
Lee Russell with the Wayfarers -- Honky-Tonk Woman
Legends -- Summertime
Leo Castleberry -- Teenage Blues
Leon Holmes -- Half a Chance
Les & the Jokers -- Get on the Phone
Les Kangourous -- Les Kangourous
Les Sabres Combo -- a Million Miles from Nowhere
Les Tasher and His Rebel Rocks -- Jeannie, Jeannie
Lew Pryme & the Rocketeers -- Tallahassee Lassie (live)
Li'l Nash & the Ramblers -- Twenty Flight Rock
Linc Jefferies with the Missing Links -- On the Rampage
Lincoln Rand and the Reveliers -- Long Tall Sally
Little Bill -- Sweet Cucumber
Little Murph and His All Stars -- My Dog Loves Your Dog
Little Sammy Swinger -- (Straighten up &) Fly Right
Little Sammy Swinger -- Hot Pastrami with Mashed Potatoes
Little Ted and the Novas -- Baby-Baby-Baby
Little Tony and His Brothers -- Johnny B Goode
Little Tony and His Brothers -- the Hippy Hippy Shake
Lonesome Johnny -- Death Row
Lonesome Johnny -- Need Somebody
Los Dukes -- Boss Guitar
Los Dukes -- Decí Porqué No Querés
Los Dukes -- Mi Pancha
Los Super Secos -- Rebelde Sin Causa
Louis Dee and Deltones -- I Could Love You Baby
Louis Dee and Deltones -- You Love Me No More
Mack Banks -- Roberta
Madlads -- Madlad Twist
Mando & the Chili Peppers -- Maybellene
Manhattens -- Baby Right Now
Manny Cruse and the Sounds Quartette -- Don't You Do
Marc Cavell -- School Day Romance
Marcel St-Jean (Orchestra - T. Jitters) -- the Big Black Jacket
Maria Vincent avec Michael Colombier et son orchestre -- En Revenant (I'm Movin' On)
Mark IV -- 45 R.P.M
Mark Terry -- Move Slowly, Baby
Marty Cash -- So Long Sandy
Marty Nevers with Dick Marrone's Velvetone's -- Hindustan Rock and Roll Band
Medicine Men -- Just Say, Just Say
Medicine Men -- Lover
Michel Felix et les 'Twist'O'Matic' -- C'est Ca Le Twist
Mike Cordy -- Lyly Baby
Mike Cordy -- Rocking Sue
Mike Fern -- the Head Hunters
Mike Rabin and the Demons -- Head Over Heels
Misty Knights -- Contrary Mary
Mr. Gasser & the Weirdos -- You Ain't Nothing but a Honda
Neville Barry and the Commodores -- Keep Walkin'
Nick Romano -- Still in Love with You
Nicki Redman -- Cop's Rock
Nicky Brazell and the Satellites -- Betty Jo
Night Shadows -- Elevator
Nightbeats -- Cryin' All Night
Nightbeats -- Doreen
Other Half -- Carol
Outsiders -- Joe Bad
Owen Griffiths with the Rockettes -- Angela Jones
Owen Griffiths with the Rockettes -- Swingin' School
Panics feat. Sonny Richards -- Bony Moronie
Pat and the Royal Lancers -- a Fool
Pat LaRocca with the Bellatones Orch. -- Rowena
Pat Scot and the Impacs -- Great Falls, Montana
Paul Chaplin and His Band -- My Lovey Dovin'
Paul Curry -- Route 66
Pepe Parra -- Papa - Un - Mao - Mao
Pete Pepper -- Purple People Eater, Eater
Pete Shekeryk and Delua-Tones -- Believe in Me
Peter Andersen & the Tornadoes -- Hippy Hippy Shake (take 2)
Peter Kraus, Orchester Erwin Halletz -- Doll-Doll-Dolly
Peter Kraus, Orchester Erwin Halletz -- Kitty Cat (foxtrot aus dem Divina-Melodie-Gloria-Film 'Alle lieben Peter'
Peter Kraus, Orchester Johannes Fehring -- Tiger
Phil Barclay and the Sliders -- I Love Em All
Phil Cay and the Chantels -- the T-Bird
Pierre Simoncini -- Buddy Went A' Courtin'
Playmates with Hugo Peretti & His Orch. -- the Day I Died
Porter & the Bell Hops -- Go Little Go Go Girl
Ral Donner -- I Got Burned
Ral Donner -- Please Don't Tease
Ralph Sanford -- Steady Date
Randy Fisher (instrumental by the Sharp Tones) -- I've Got the Feeling
Randy Proffitt and the Beachcombers -- Check That Baby Out, One Time
Ravons -- I Love You Baby
Ray Doggett with Jimmy & Billy Price -- Go Go Heart
Ray Gerdsen and the Yello-Jakets -- Fatty Hattie
Ray Ruff and the Checkmates -- Uumm Oh Yeah
Ray Tann -- Hot Rod Queen
Ray Whitaker with orhestra -- Black Duck (With the Baby Blue Eyes)
Rayburn Anthony & the Kool Kats -- My Heart's Going
Rhythm Rockets -- Stranded in the Jungle
Richie Richardson with Charlie Cuevas and the Jaguars -- the Jump
Ricky Sann con I Rock Boys -- Twenty Flight Rock (Grattacielo Rock)
Robert Price and the Exotics -- Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Rock-Alongs (arranged and produced by Don Bradford) -- Don't 'Cha Know I Love You
Rock-a-Tunes feat. Butch McGillis -- Heartbeat
Rockets (vocal Johnny Vosdos) -- Jonny B. Goode
Rock-It's (vocal Ralph Robbins) -- Frankie and Johnnie
Rocky Holman - Morty Wise & the Wisemen -- Wild Boy
Rocky Volcano -- Brand New Beat
Roddy Jackson -- Johnny's Last Ride
Rodney Lay with the Blazers -- Little Orphan Annie
Roland Stone -- Moanin' Soul
Ron Winters with the Patriots (arr. by Bassett Hand) -- Back in the U.S.A.
Ronnie Hawkins -- Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks -- Clara
Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks -- Mary Lou
Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks -- My Gal Is Red Hot
Ronnie Isle and the Yo Yo's -- Hassie
Ronnie Self -- Houdini
Ronnie Self -- Petrified
Ronnie Self -- Rocky Road Blues
Ronnie Styner -- Hey, Hey Baby
Ronnie Sundin with Will Jess and His Jesters -- Just Ask Your Heart
Ronnie Sundin with Will Jess and His Jesters -- Mean Woman Blues
Ronnie Sundin with Will Jess and His Jesters -- Moo Cow Boogie Blues
Ronnie Sundin with Will Jess and His Jesters -- Mr. Blue
Ronnie Sundin with Will Jess and His Jesters -- Waltzing Matilda
Roulettes Orchestra (vocal Ray & Bob) -- Why Oh Why
Roy Hamilton (Orchestra under the direction of Jesse Stone) -- Jungle Fever
Royals (vocal Bob Bren) -- Back in Town
Rudy Grayzell and His Thunderbirds (accompanied by the Sparkles) -- F-B-I Story
Rudy Harvey and the Pips (R. D. Stokes Band) -- Popcorn
Runabouts -- Linda Lou
Russ Starman -- Little Eva
Russ Veers -- the Answer
Saints & Sinners -- Boney Moroney
Salmas Bros. -- I Don't Care
Sean Martin -- Blue-Gray Rock
Senators with Sax Kari & His Orchestra -- You'd Better Stop
Serge Savage -- Reelin' and Rockin'
Shadows -- Looly Lou
Slick Slavin -- She Says She's Mine
Slim Short (accompanied by the Kays) -- Black Steer Swing
Snakes -- At the Hop
Sonny Flaharty and His Young Americans -- Whole Lotta Shakin'
Sonny Russell -- Mud Boat
Spades (vocal Al Steele) -- Fatty Patty
Spinners -- Little Otis
Spinners -- Walked in the Blues
Sprints (vocal Bill Dimas) -- Shortenin' Bread
Squiddly Diddly's -- Jetsons
Stan Cayer -- 3 Wild Women
Starfires -- You’re My Only One
Steve Barry -- the Nightmare
'Stickan' Lundbeck, Claes-Göran Cronas Rock-Band -- Betty Lou
Sugar-Ree's -- Cheater
Sven-Ingvars Kvartett -- Diana
'Swingin'' Sting-Rays -- Teen Queen
T. Tommy -- Moon Fever
T. Tommy -- Silver Box
Ted Herold, Orchester Erwin Halletz -- Texas Baby
Ted Herold, Orchester Johannes Fehring -- Dein Kleiner Bruder (Little Brother)
Ted Herold, Orchester Johannes Fehring -- Hey Baby (A Big Hunk O' Love)
Ted Herold, Orchester Johannes Fehring -- Wunderbar,Wie Du Heut' Wieder Küßt (I Got Stung)
Ted Herold, Orchester Werner Scharfenberger -- So Schön Ist Nur Die Allererste Liebe (Oh Judy)
Teddy Lee Michael -- Back to School Again
Teen-Beats feat. Don Frassa -- Live Like a King
Teentones -- Told Ya Little Baby
Terry Clark -- I’m Gonna Travel
Terry Manning and the Wild Ones -- Hey Baby
Terry Redman -- Come on Back
Thunderbirds (vocal the Valvederes) -- Twistin' in Orbit
Tikies -- Money
Tino & Revlons -- Black Burma-Mudas and Knee Socks
Tokens (Arr. and cond. by Artie Butler) -- Let's Go to the Drag Strip
Tommy Beiner with Wendy & the Schoolgirls, Blackie Schackner & Orch. -- the Top 40
Tommy Clark and the Shadows with the Montgomery Sisters -- Eileen
Tommy Lane with Tommy Sheridan and Orchestra -- My Baby Likes to Rock N' Roll
Tommy Love -- Tell Me, Tell Me
Tommy Winters -- End of Dream Street
Tony Castro with the Promenade Orch. & Chorus -- Lot of Lovin'
Tony Garo -- Jezebel
Tony Light and the Bell Boys -- I've Got Bells in My Heart
Tony Padua with the Cruisers (Orchestra directed by Joe Jaros) -- the Battle Ride of the Seventh Cavalry
Tradewinds -- Wildwood Twist
Travelers with Danny Cavedo -- Not the Kind
Travelers with Danny Cavedo -- That's All
Troup -- Jungle Jive
Troy Onteare -- Marry the Money
Twi-Lites -- the Pony
Unknown -- I'm so in Love Tonight
Unknown -- Tiger
Unknowns -- Crazy Daisy
Valiants with Jim Bing -- Mutha
Vaughn Monroe with Joe Reisman's Orchestra -- the Rock 'N' Roll Express
Velvetones -- Mustang
Velvetones -- Think About Me
Victor Blanco y Los Locos Del Ritmo -- A Bailar Twist
Vi-Kings -- She's Cool
Vikings -- the Swomp
Vincent Macree & the Rhythm Kings -- Teen-Age Talk
Wade & the Nationals -- Butterfly
Ward Darby -- Crazy
Wayne & Ray (arranged and conducted by Johnny Madara) -- I've Got Your Love on My Mind
Will Cheky and His Arrows -- Lets Go Arrows
Willie Ward and the Warblers -- I'm a Madman
Willy Monti y Los Tiburones -- Primitiva -Rock
Winstons feat. Edwin Korn -- School Girl (Are You Going My Way)

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